Reason Why You Should Overcome Your Barrier of English Speaking

From hoardings to advertisements, songs, the movies you watch and even the lessons that you follow in college and university, there is a bit of English almost everywhere. While English remains almost a staple in everything belonging to the ‘creamy’ layer of the country, struggling with English words is something that millions of Indians face. There is no dearth of talents in India, yet it is heartening to see that a number of deserving students do not make it to their dream job. They might not have made to the…

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US may offer F-35 Stealth Fighter if India scraps S-400 deal

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The US could offer the fifth-generation F-35 fighter jet for both the air force and navy, if the $5.43-billion deal with Russia for the S-400 air defence system is dropped. The US has been increasing pressure on India over the S-400 deal that was signed in October last year, with senior Washington officials saying it would have a direct impact on any high technology cooperation in the future. India is keeping a close watch on what happens with Turkey, a NATO ally, that has already signed up for the S-400…

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