Why Should You Choose Unity For Your Next Game Development

Mobile games since the very beginning is a popular form of entertainment for every mobile users. However, with the passage of time mobile phones have graduated into smartphones. This has resulted in making the mobile games even more exciting with interactive and engaging features. But have you ever wondered how such games are created? There are innumerable resources, tools, engines and frameworks which contribute towards creating diverse games belonging to multiple genres. Among the widely used game development engines, Unity is probably the most preferred one among the developers all…

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What Are The Advantages Of 2D Game Development

2D Game Development

Mobile games have always been a source of entertainment for gamers all over the world. As the number of gamers increases, its popularity and demand have also gone up. Today with the improvements in technologies mobile games have evolved a lot. Mobile gaming enthusiasts are now exposed to different versions of their favourite games in a completely new format. This has really fascinated the aspirations of the players to experience interactive games with customised gameplay dynamics. 2D games are two dimensional. In other words, the characters of 2D games can…

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What Are The Current Trends Of Android Game Development

As far as mobile games are concerned Android leads the race all over the world. According to the statistics in 2018, 7.6 million games were estimated to be available for downloads from the online app stores. This is constantly on the rise as more and more gamers are getting engaged towards gaming as a key form of entertainment. On an average it has been observed that mobile users spend approximately 4 hours each day either using apps or playing games. Growth of the mobile gaming industry The global popularity and…

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