Are You Going To Buy Socket Accessories, Look At The Available Accessories That Are In The Market?

socket accessories online purchase

Socket accessories are being used by us to extend and increase the usage of sockets.  With the use of these accessories, you can get to that space which is hard to reach with bare hands or other tools. You will rush to make a socket accessories online purchase after you read this article where we will be detailing about most of the accessories that are available in the market.

List of accessories

Here is the list from which you can choose to buy sockets accessories, one or more depending on your requirement and usage.

  • Extension bars: This fit in between a turning tool and the socket so that you can have longer reach. There are two types:
    • Wobble extension bars: These can connect to a socket at an angle giving you access to awkward places which are hard to reach.
    • Flexible extension bar: They are used to access the corner areas or obstructed ones.
  • Adaptors or converters:They are used to fit in between the turning tool and socket, and connect with the turning tool through a drive square which can be smaller or larger than the socket size you have.
  • Universal joints: Generally used with Extension bars and are stronger or better than the flexible extension bars as they have put on more torque and can reach angles that are tough to reach.
  • Socket rail tracks: These are used to store and secure sockets so that you may not end up losing your sockets.
  • Socket clips: They are used to attach sockets to socket rails. You need to buy these in the right size.
  • Retaining rings & pins: When you have larger impact sockets, retaining rings and pins are used to help it bear the powered impact wrench. They don’t drive the socket but keep it at its place so that it doesn’t fly off due to the impact.
  • Torque multiplier: Name itself explains the purpose. This tool multiplies the torque that you apply on the socket. It generally comes in a ratio such as 4:1, which means that torque multiplier will apply 4 times of the torque you have applied to it.
  • Protective anti-mar socket covers: To protect the work piece from the scratches and damage from the socket, these are used. They look as insulated covers but do not provide any safety from electric shocks.

Why should you think about making an online purchase?

If you are about to buy sockets accessories, it is best to search online before making any purchase as there are always so many offers from different dealers and manufacturers that you can only find online. You will be able to look at so many options which will not be available on your local business. Doing socket accessories online purchase will help you get the best deal and you may also be able to get the sets and kits that are custom made keeping your requirement in mind.

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