Investment Tips to Buy Best Properties Located in Pune

Best Properties Located in Pune

Pune is the seventh largest city in India and the second largest in Maharashtra. Pune has always been a prime location for making property investments. There are more and more inflows of home-seekers and property investors. If you are planning to buy flat in Pune, keep a few things in mind to make your investment more profitable.

The main reason behind such growth is ample employment opportunities driven by the automotive and IT industries and situated near the IT hub of Pune, Hinjewadi has become a preferred destination for home buyers looking to buy a flat in Pune. Projects like Tinsel Town Hinjewadi give you a better lifestyle with all modern amenities.

Choosing the right builder and project is essential to safely invest your money in a profitable real estate development. To maximise your returns, choose projects of repute like Tinsel Town Hinjewadi. Here is what you need to keep in mind before you buy a home.

# Why are you looking for a home?

There could be various reasons why you want to buy a property. You may buy it for your own use or for purposes of investment. When you take the investment option into consideration, you may just rent it out after buying, or even try to resell the property after a few years. It is important to define your reasons first to choose the right property.

# Where do you want to buyflat in Pune?

To buy a flat in Pune, you have to give a lot of importance to the location. Check out a few things—for example, availability of stores, markets, schools, the distance of your work location, availability of commute, and so on, before buying for your own use. Even if you want to rent it out or resell, keeping the same parameters in mind will help you choose the right option.

Hinjewadi is a prime Pune suburb location which has become a destination of choice for property-seekers because of the development of new job opportunities, especially in IT parks. Choosing projects like Tinsel Town Hinjewadi is a wise option with the locational advantage.

# What is your budget and how do you arrange it?

Defining a budget well ahead of time helps you plan your purchase comfortably. A real estate investment requires a considerably large amount of money. You, as a buyer, may not be able to arrange the money yourself at one go. You could apply for a home loan to ease your monetary burden.

While applying for a home loan, lenders like Bajaj Housing Finance provide you with loans of up to Rs.3.5 crore. Estimate your equated monthly instalment (EMI) to make sure it does not exceed the amount you can comfortably pay while keeping your other liabilities intact. Your home loan eligibility depends on a few factors like your age, monthly income, credit score, and so on.

# Is the chosen property legitimate?

Modern builders are bringing in projects with top-class amenities. But this is not the only thing you should look for. You need to make sure the builders and/or developers have all the necessary approvals and no-objection certificates. And, of course, you need to validate the property’s title clearance and proper development agreements.

# Which builder and project should you choose?

Choosing a builder of repute is the right choice when you want to buy flats in Pune. Projects like Tinsel Town Hinjewadi can be the right choice. This is because of the legitimacy of the builders as also the locational advantage.


You may wish to buy a flat in Pune in order to stay in a good location with employment and educational opportunities. At the same time, because of the inflow of residents, you may wish to invest in real estate to get good returns. Keep the above parameters in your checklist to make your investment more profitable.

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