Things To Know Before Starting Off With Line Painting On Your Driveway

Line Painting

A parking area is a gateway for new business. This is amid one of the places of a building that generate the first impression in the mind of the visitors. Any parking area with clean, clear lines attracts people.  One feels safe to leave one’s car around there. There is a feeling of security involved as well. Line painting is beneficial in this regard.

The different kinds of painting:

1.Line painting: This is the most common and popular service rendered. Line painting allows the vehicles to be parked in an organized and systematic manner. If there were no lines, the cars and motorcycles would be placed very haphazardly.

2. Symbol marking: The handicapped are not a privileged lot and therefore areas need to be demarcated for them. Symbols and lettering should be done rightfully for the handicapped so that they are not inconvenienced. At times there are parking areas defined for the certain visitors in a specific area where the common public is not allowed to park his or her vehicle. For example, there could be a VIP parking space allocated in some countries. There could be a reserved spot for the top man of an organization which is earmarked with symbols.

3. Wall painting: Many companies prefer to paint their logos on the wall. This allows the employees to know exactly where the vehicle needs to be parked. It is also a kind of advertisement for their company with its logo. Further, there are some basic signs and signals that need to be painted on the wall to generate common awareness about traffic regulations. Also for underground walls, it is advisable to do all the marking with fluorescent colors which can glow in the dark

Things to know before opting for line painting:


1. Importance of line painting

  • The initial impression of a company gets formed by the parking area. Witnessing a parking area with clear and precise lines can be enchanting many customers. The customers know exactly where to do the parking of the vehicle as the line painting makes the directions easy.
  • At the same time, customers can attain the space to park their vehicles by making the best use of the parking area. Line painting is beneficial in this regard. It helps to park the vehicle in systematic as well in an organized way.

2. Line Painting Procedure 

  • The first step is to make a line with the chalk and make a layout. The tip guard can be pulled to the side of the line drawn by the chalk.
  • As the white paint keeps flowing, one can make sure that the line covers the chalk line.
  • In case a roller is being used, one must see to it that the end of the roller is exactly where the line from the chalk is and then try to roll it as parallel as one can along it.

3. Aspects  to remind:

  • There are various things that must be kept in mind before one actually does line painting to the driveway. There are lines which need to be removed as the parking plan might have changed.
  • At times, in an office area, the number of vehicles might have increased and therefore the line painting needs to be done as per a different plan to accommodate more vehicles.
Line Painting
Line Painting


The various types of parking lots that can be serviced by line painting are Indoor parking lot, Outdoor parking lot, Rooftop parking lots, Street parking lots, loading docks for big shipping vehicles, Underground garages. Using line painting can also minimize the growing issue of high traffic jam. The types of parking lots and the different types of line painting that needs to be done should be checked prior to opting for the process…

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