Understanding the Different Types of Self-Storage Unit

Understanding the Different Types of Self-Storage Unit

When speaking about self-storage unit, most people think about the climate-controlled storage unit in a multi-storeyed building. Many of you do not realize that there is an entire world of self-storage options you need to explore before you finalize the type of self-storage unit you need to rent. 

Climate-Controlled Storage:

This is the most widely found storage facility available. The storage units provided are regulated at a constant temperature so that your stored items are protected from damaging factors like temperature and humidity. These types of units are very popular. The main advantage of such controlled storage is to be mould free.

Outdoor Storage:

This is a self-storage unit which is not climate-controlled. It is accessible from the outside. This is a bit less expensive than climate-controlled storage. These units are accessed from outside the building like a garage. Many outdoor units provide a drive-in facility where you can directly park your vehicle next to your storage unit and load or unload. But remember the storage is separated from the outside environment only by a garage door hence you are not advised to store any item which cannot withstand fluctuating weather conditions.

Drive-up Access Storage:

Drive up self-storage units are usually outdoor units which offer drive-up access, but few indoor self-storage units also offer such drive-up access. As the name suggests, you can directly drive your vehicle up to the door and offload directly from your vehicle. These units are mostly located at ground level but for higher elevations, ramps and loading bays are provided.

Boat/Car/RV Storage:

Storing recreational vehicles at home might always not be possible These type of storage units makes it possible to store your RVs, sports cars, yacht, boat, motorcycles, etc. This type of storage not only gives you space to keep your vehicles but also secures them. It goes without saying how expensive these vehicles are. Storing in such facility will safeguard your valuable vehicle by providing world-class security measures.

You may rent an outside car, boat or RV storage unit or a climate controlled indoor storage unit. Climate controlled storage is advisable to protect the vehicle from weather damage.


These types of storage units are for storing your items on a temporary basis. Storage company will deliver an individual storage unit called pods which may look like small train cars, at your home for an agreed upon time. It is also possible for the company to pick up the pod and store your items in their warehouse until you need them to. Access to items stored in this facility is limited until they are returned to your location.

Final Thoughts Every individual has different storage needs hence they need to rent a storage unit according to their requirement. Few established self-storage facilities such as storage units Garden City will provide you with all the different storage options. It is one stop for all your storage problems. You may easily review and book the storage unit for storing away your belongings safely.

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