What is a Limestone Sealer?

limestone sealer

A pure natural chemical compound, limestone is used for a variety of purposes. It is very easy to break down the sedimentary rock and get other time of chemical compounds like calcium carbonate, calcium oxide, and sometimes even carbon dioxide. Limestone is one of the most commonly and frequently used chemical stone in homes and offices to paint the wall white. There are many other places where limestone is put to good use as well. If you are using limestone, the is critical for you to know about limestone sealerand its uses and advantages.

About Limestone Sealer

Limestone slabs and stones and tiles are used in various places, including our homes. If you are using limestone, then using a limestone sealer is also important as it prevents the limestone from getting faded off too quickly.

Limestone sealers are available for all kinds of limestone slabs. Usually, before putting it to the commercial use, the limestone is processed, compressed, and smoothened in tiles and slabs, so that is it easier to install in the required places.

  • The sealers guarantee to seal the limestone off from water and oil damage and keep the limestone slabs and tiles safe from any potential harm. As, limestone is a porous material, sealing off its pores for durability is more important.
  • You can use products like stone protect and water protect along with stone gloss to improve and maintain its shine and appeal and also to seal off any unwanted entrance of water and oil into the pores.
  • The gloss finish sealers not only protects the stone but also add a layer of shining protection to ensure that the primary sealing is entirely safe and the tiles and slabs are well protected against any liquid damage.


Limestone is a material which looks very good yet is very prone to damage. The porosity of the limestone is the main factor behind its prone to easy damage feature. But once you use sealers after installing the limestone slabs or tiles, it makes the stone hardy and quite durable. Here are some of the advantages of using a sealer.

  • It prevents the limestone from getting damaged heavily by any liquid. It also ensures that the stones do not get stained or start to look dirty.
  • The stones are often used for constructing footpaths and laying out walkways for pedestrians. Using sealers to protect the limestone makes sure that the stones do not get cracked easily or suffer heavy damage due to flooding or rains. The sealers also keep the dirt in the air and on the road away from getting into the pores of the laid out stone. This keeps the stones looking natural, clean, and healthy.

The sealers also help the stone to gain more strength to face harsh climate and rough use both indoors and outdoors. If you see your limestone fading or getting discoloured then you can use a glossy sealer cum shiner to ensure that the installed stone maintains its look.

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