Why Should you Attend a Music Concert in India?

Music Concerts

India is known as a country of culture where it is also at par with the popular culture. What sets India apart from the rest is that the country is engrossed in its culture but at the same time it also included western music under its abode. The country portrayed a warm welcoming vibe towards various genres of music which gave the Indian’s a variety of taste towards music.  Be it from rock music to EDM music, India had included various genres in its music concerts and below reasons will make you attend the music concert in India even more.

You will get a taste of the country’s culture

Indian classical music is considered healing and meditative since it has its roots in the ancient tradition of yoga. It was considered in olden days that music and spirituality were the two sides of the same coin. It was traditionally learnt to have a spiritual liberation but it later transitioned into entertainment after the Mughal invasion.There are many classical music concerts conducted all over the country which will let you have an experience of the classical music. Among the many, there is the Jodhpur RIFF, which includes performances from the Rajasthani artists. 

Indian concerts with international artists

Right from Ed Sheeran to Justin Bieber, Indian concerts include many international artists. The upcoming music concert in India with international artist includesSunburn Arena with Jonas Blue which is considered as one of the most exciting upcoming concerts in India. Since Jonas Blue will be performing for the first time in India, there is a lot of hype to see his tropical dance music vibes, which one wouldn’t want to miss.

A concert of Bollywood music

It is not uncommon that India is well known for its cheesy Bollywood songs. This is what makes it special from the rest. There are many concerts conducted in India which includes Bollywood songs and include artists like Shreya Ghoshal, Arijit Singh, Neha Kakkar, Atif Aslam, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, etc. Read Also: Playing Musical Instrument Guitar as a Hobby

These upcoming concerts in India surely include the above aspects, so make sure that you don’t miss the below upcoming concerts.

Hilight Tribe

This is a trance music group from France who is known for their diverse cultural influence. They make their way in India once again in Hyderabad and Chennai on 14th and 16th December. They have released 6 studio albums which are said to be hit in the techno community.

Jody Wisternoff

Being conducted on 22nd December in Bengaluru, he is an English electronic music producer and a DJ and is a part of EDM duo Way out West. He has been active in the electronic scene since 1980s and has a lot of albums and mixes under his name. He is surely said to recreate the vibe of the London nightclub scene with his beats at Skyye.

So what’s the wait?Book the tickets now and experience the wonderful music concerts in India which will surely make your time memorable.

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