Tax Benefits and Other Advantages of Joint Home Loan

A joint loan is most effective when you are ready to share your debt with another person, along with enjoying the benefits of the procured loan.   A joint home loan enables the borrower to share his debt liability in a convenient manner provided that the co-borrower must be in blood relation with the borrower either as his brother, father, or offspring. The other terms of a joint home loan are that the borrower, along with the co-borrower, must be the co-owners of the house, and both of them must be…

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What are the Advantages of Metal Testing?

Metal is utilized in many industries including construction, automobiles, and electronics. The rigidity and strength of the metal are considered as the crucial factors which make it even more beneficial in the multiple sectors. The metals are available in varied forms such as iron, steel, copper and aluminium. However, irrespective of the type of metal, the material needs to go through certain metal testing to determine the quality of the product and assess its durability. Testing of metals is important to offer the best quality products to consumers who buy…

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Know How to Save More Funds on Home Loan Interest

Secured loans such as home loans are among the most commonly availed financial products in India. For any borrower like you, such loans are long-term commitments towards meeting certain financial or personal goals. However, not all borrowers make the best of tax exemptions on such loans. The Income Tax Act includes deductions on Income Tax for both the principal and interest paid on a home loan as per certain clauses. If your income is above the taxation threshold and if you have an existing home loan, you can reduce your…

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Co-Parenting Guide For Divorcing Couples To Raise Resilient Kids

Most people wonder how exactly to co-parent after divorce. Typically, the co-parenting fathers have the kids with them more and therefore play a bigger role in the different aspects of parenting such as clothes shopping, homework, and extracurricular activities. As for the mothers, most of them today are employed full time just like fathers. Therefore, the simple logistics of two-career couples is co-parenting. It can be too exhausting to cope with a full-time job as well as bear all the duties of raising the kids. Therefore, it is a common…

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How Facial Recognition is changing our life for betterment?

Facial Recognition

Biometrics is now leading the technology world, whether it is about identity verification, improving customer experience or catching the thieves. Facial recognition technology promises for future evolution holding a huge perspective in terms of security and scalability. In this era of cruel business competition, it is essential for the business to move towards the technology that can ensure security and improve the customer experience at the same time.  The significant uses of facial recognition technology are growing with every passing day. In the last few years, it has already been…

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6 common mistakes in food photography

Food photography appears to be simple, but it is actually tricky. If you are a food blogger or a photographer who have just started capturing food images, it will be a little difficult for you. Creating tempting food photographs is an art. Let’s discuss some of the major mistakes that food photographers usually commit. Use limited food for plating It might look tempting when you put a lot of food on the plate, but it actually ruins the essence of the images on the camera. When using too much food…

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Steps To Take To Beat the Stress When You Are In Debt

Today, debt is considered to be one of the major sources of stress in a person life. Some do it to purchase something they certainly cannot afford or manage an emergency situation for which they were not prepared either mentally or emotionally. Well, whatever is your reason to go into debt at last; it will be you who will have to make the complete repayment. This thought alone is enough to give you a nightmare in your sleep and make you stressed. Thinking about the debt that you owe over…

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Iran says latest US sanctions ends ‘channel of diplomacy forever’


A spokesman for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said in a tweet Tuesday that the new U.S. sanctions that target Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei and other Iranian officials permanently end any chance of diplomacy between countries. The comment was followed by Iranian President Rouhani, who mocked the White House and said it is “afflicted by mental retardation.” Rouhani spoke live in a televised address on Tuesday. The U.S. and Iran have seen tensions increase exponentially in the past few weeks after an initial U.S. sanctions squeeze that Washington said led to the attacks on two oil…

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Grooming gang members who raped and sexually assaulted girl, 12, jailed for a total of 27 years

Usman Khalid and Mohammed Akram

Their vulnerable victim was targeted aged just 12 and raped numerous times over a number of years in what cops say was an “abhorrent and depraved” crime. She was 12 when Akram, 33, sexually abused her for the first time, with 31-year-old Khalid’s single assault of the girl happening when she was the same age. Khalid was sentenced to five years and Akram 22 years, to run concurrently to the 17 year sentence he was already serving. The pair are the latest to be jailed following investigations by officers from…

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