HR Certification – A Catalyst for Success

HR Certification – A Catalyst for Success

Is it your lifelong dream to make it big in the HR industry? Are you seeking ways to fulfill it? Perhaps, getting certified is one of the ideas that has crossed your mind but you are wanting to get the facts right before taking this step in your professional life. If yes, take a look at the latest infographic by Best HR Certification – Why Become a Certified HR Professional and gain surety about how you want to attract success in your HR career.

Did you know that almost 34.2 % of people in the United States own an HR certification? It is absolutely true. So, now you can imagine the value that employers in America give to professional certification and its needless to say that the people who have earned a certification in HR are naturally doing better in their career as compared to their counterparts. This is the reason why the demand for HR certification is growing inexplicably in the past four years, as depicted in the infographic.

These facts and figures are only indicating the fact that there isn’t a more lucrative step that one can take in their HR career than acquiring a certification from a reputed institution like the Talent Management Institute or HR Certification Institute. It is because these are world renowned and institutions and over 50 % of the HR certification all around the world have at least one certification.

Here are the rest of the HR certification Institutes that are making waves globally.

1.    Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development

2.    The Society for Human Resource Management

3.    Association for Talent Development

4.    Human Resources Professional Association

5.    Human Capital Institute

6.    International Public Management Association

7.    International Association of Human Resource Information Management

8.    WorldAtWork Society of Certified Professionals

Hence, you can see that if you ever choose to certified professional of the HR industry, you have plenty of institutions that can offer you with top HR Certifications. The infographic also discloses the incentives that you shall receive one you are a certified professional. It shows that if you possess an HR certification, it can enhance your earning capacity along with making you eligible for quick promotions. Glance over the perks of becoming certified.

•    HR Director – 12.50% pay boost

•    HR Manager – 15.80% pay boost

•    HR Assistant – 11.60% pay boost

•    HR Generalist – 9.00% pay boost

•    HR Administrator – 15.50% pay boost Ergo, it is the best time to get certified.

•    HR Administrator – 15.50% pay boost Ergo, it is the best time to get certified.

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