We are at the beginning of the year, a new year, full of expectations and dreams. Some of you start this adventure and others continue with it. Throughout your time at the University, emotions that you do not know how to manage may arise because it is an exciting and novel period of your life; which will mark your professional future. Hence the importance of emotional intelligence.

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Then, we leave an article for you to understand the importance of managing those emotions as they are part of your academic learning or UK assignment writing service.

Emotions are present in our day to day, they play a very important role in our lives. According to Mar Romera, “it is the emotions that move the world”.

Training in emotional skills is increasingly necessary and required not only in the personal field but also for the academic and professional.

But what is Emotional Intelligence? : we can define it as the ability to detect, manage our own emotions and those of others, using the necessary strategies to have a balanced response.

It used to be said that IQ was an indicator to know if a person would be successful in life. Various authors with their respective studies (Gardner, Salovey, Maller, Goleman, Mar Romera, Francisco Mora, Bisquerra …) show us that other factors influence, specifically the importance of emotions, as Eddie said “Educate the mind of a child without educating her/his heart , it’s not educating at all. “

Therefore, it is necessary to take into account our emotional skills, learning to detect them and manage them to become emotionally intelligent.

Science asserts that emotion wins over reason as Blaise Pascal said in his  Thoughts  ” the heart has reasons that reason does not understand”, so we have to learn to achieve a balance between the two, a union between reason and emotion, to achieve success, in this case, your academic excellence like cheap custom essay, it is no use being a machine memorizing data, if then we are not able to have an emotionally balanced life.

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Have you ever felt that your emotions prevented you from focusing on your tasks?

Focusing on the field that concerns us (the University), you will ask: how do emotions affect my learning?

They can affect your performance, have repercussions on learning, affecting the: 

  • Attention
  • Memory
  • Use of learning strategies
  • Motivation

We leave you with some strategies to help you manage your emotions:

Understand that there are no negative emotions:

We can say that all feelings are valid, the key is to identify and manage them in order to react to stimuli in a balanced way, “there are no good and bad emotions, you have to live them all” (Mar Romera).

Detect and understand your emotions:

Stop to think about them, pay attention, observe them, ask yourself questions. What do I feel? According to Goleman “Attention regulates emotions”.

Express your emotions, feel, let your emotions flow:

You should not repress your emotions, whatever they are, show them, accept them and manage them in the best possible way. Talk to a relative, friend, with yourself, with God … or if you prefer you can write them, but you must take them out.

Evaluate your emotions:

Do not let yourself just take them, be critical, and look for ways to take advantage of that emotion for your benefit.

According to Goleman, “a person’s success depends on the development and education of their emotional intelligence.”

These are some basic keys to make you think about the importance of your emotions if you need to control or manage a specific emotion from the Guidance Service we can help you identify your emotions and give you strategies to manage them. Do not hesitate to contact the Oriented of your headquarters, we will be happy to accompany you on your way.

Author Bio: Eddie is a digital media marketer and strategist at Essay Writers UK

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