India’s Journey Towards The Superpower Status In Terms Of Literacy


India got independence on 15th August, 1947. After the independence, there were so many issues to look forward. On one hand India was poor, on the other hand it had to stand itself and fight many other issues prevailing. A stereotype was set against India that this is a country of snake charmers and will always remain. The literacy level was low because the women were not allowed to study because of previous thoughts. It was considered that India would remain on the course to destruction. Nobody would have thought that India today would have a maximum number of doctors and engineers being produced every year.

There were times when the girl child was not allowed to study, there was a mindset that the girls only need to learn to do household process and later after getting married they should just look after their families. As the time passed, the awareness came among the people of the country that every citizen is equal irrespective of the caste, creed, sex and religion. This led to a change in perception. India started growing as an economy and the standard of living also saw a rise. The girl child also started receiving education just like the way a boy child got. This eliminated the perception of the girl child only confined to the houses completely.

India has witnessed huge growth across all the sectors. It was said a few decades ago that the girls are also walking with shoulders matched along with the boys. Today the girls are even ahead of the boys in many areas. Students nowadays have started taking education seriously. Earlier, the students used to do basic graduation, then came a time when India produced a record number of doctors and engineers. Now, the best choice for the student is the higher studies. The students find it incomplete just to do a bachelor’s in any subject. The interest in post graduate and doctorate is increasing at a high speed, looking at the admissions in these courses. India is publishing a lot of research papers internationally, which has attracted a lot of foreign students as well. The quality of the education has made India one of the best places to get enrolled in for post graduate and doctorate degrees.

The youth of the country has found its shelter in the higher studies from getting married at the early age or being forced to sit in a family business. Whatever be the reason, the youth has started making India proud and on course to the superpower status in terms of literacy and studies. MBA admission in Bangalore has risen sharply with huge number of students enrolling for the master’s degree. MBA is considered to give a personality change, which has made it the first choice among the students along with the packages offered by the companies as well. A lot of MBA institutes in Bangalore are available as a choice for the students, with the details of the faculty, its education criteria and other details beneficial for the students.

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