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Writing your dissertation is a tall order. Why is this so? When asked to write this academic requirement, first, you have to determine a viable dissertation topic. After doing so, you can proceed to gathering of sources needed for your study. Then comes the long nights of analyzing and interpreting data to form your discourse of the topic. After this, you can proceed to the actual writing of your dissertation. Pretty arduous, right?

Just when you thought you have already finished

However, the process does not stop there. Do not think that you are done with your dissertation after you have completed writing all the necessary chapters and citing and referencing your sources. After you have completed these steps in your dissertation writing, you still have to write an abstract. Boring? Evolutionwriters.com review can help you to find the best solution for that!

What is this and why is this needed

Basically, dissertation abstracts are a short (usually a 150-word paragraph/s) summary of the dissertation. It generally aims to provide scientific or scholarly information. In relation to the dissertation you have written, abstracts succinctly tell the readers about your chosen topic, the methods you have used, and the results you have arrived at in your academic research.

Students often undermine the importance of writing a good abstract. Therefore, they just put in there whatever they think is “relevant” without paying too much attention. Remember that an abstract is the representation of the whole dissertation. If you decide to just put whatever in there, then be prepared to have your dissertation bypassed by your professor. In writing one, you have to substantiate concisely. Keep in mind that abstracts never exceed a single page.

How to effectively write one

Bear in mind these important reminders when writing your abstract:

  • Make the abstract well structured. This means that it follows a logical flow. You can start with stating the problem being addressed in the research or its rationale. Next, you can state the significance of the study. After which, you can proceed to presenting the theories underpinning your research and the methodologies you used in arriving at the results. After you write this, you can present your findings and your conclusions.
  • Be economical in your word use. Brevity is the key here because abstracts should not exceed a whole page. 150-350 words are the ideal length of this section. Just stick to the presented structure and you will not encounter problems with regard to this.
  • Never confuse the readers with your presentation of the abstract. Do remember that your abstract represents the whole dissertation so never put information in there that is not related with your dissertation. Do not mislead your readers.

Get the help you need in constructing clear abstracts

Our writers have unparalleled experience in writing dissertation abstracts that wholly capture the essence of your study. If you are encountering problems on how to write one, it would be best to leave that task to us. Our writers know how to structure impressive abstracts that will never confuse readers.

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