Can We Use Online Games as Educational Tools?

Online games as educational tools

Ask any teachers which educational resource will make the most impact on students, and Online games are bound to come last. But lately, a voice has resonated in both education and online gaming sector which says that Online games can be used as a tool for education. So, let us see how valid this claim is?

What are Online Games?

Online Games are free and fun games to play online. These are simple yet entertaining games that require an internet connection and browser on your device. The variety of online games is absurd as you can find more than a thousand on even smaller online gaming portal. These games don’t require downloads, so you can play at your convenience. Online games have a very simple interface and a simple objective for the users, and it burst off stress in people. All these qualities make people attracted to online games.

Can Online Games be Used as an Educational Tool?

Now that we know what online games are, let’s look at how we can use them as an educational tool.

The main issue with education is that in a classroom, more importance is given in remembering facts and preparing for exams. Thus, when they are given question in a slightly different way or presented a real-life problem, they find it problematic to answer. This is often seen in interviews.

The solution to this problem is to develop creative thinking and problem-solving activity. This can only happen when students have active participation in studies. Anyone who has been near a classroom in their life, know it is damn near impossible, especially in a classroom. This is where online games come into the picture. Teachers can create an interactive and virtual environment with the use of these games and make asking questions fun for students. Students can learn by exploring and learning at their own pace without any major concern. The best part is a student can play these mobile games online for free.

For example – There is a chapter on Egypt involving the pyramid and the burial of Mummies. Imagine there is a game revolving the pyramid. Where students have to explore the pyramid, and they find themselves chased by a mummy. In order to be free, they need to perform the ritual to bure the mummy. In this adventure game, they have to find creative ways to complete the rituals. If this is a multiplayer game, they have to develop strategies and test them in order to complete the task. Plus, they learn more about the pyramid and mummies than they can in a video course.

As we saw, Online games make student decision-makers and allow them to learn through trial and error in an entertaining environment. Students wouldn’t be bore of these games and would insist for more educational games. Many popular Multiplayer Online Games like World of Warcraft and Dota are a perfect example of such scenarios.

Hence, we can use Online games as educational tools. They are fun and engaging, and they can be designed to involve a wide range of topics like geography, engineering, and Biology.

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