Which genre you should choose in Photography?

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Skilled photographers understand they cannot be great in all genres of photography at the same time. It is the reason they work in the various selected ones. An amateur photographer must try every single genre in order to find the most preferred one.

Certainly if you join up the Best photography courses in Delhi you should first know if that is for you or not. What if you join up wildlife photography course but you have interest in wedding photography? It is always better to keep yourself informed about the different genres you can join and once you know what you are looking for; you can make a choice.

You know the art of photography is the most multifaceted one. Each person on the planet captures pictures of his/her relatives, children, food, and shoots landscapes and so on. All the options mentioned above are different genres of photography. Those skilled photographers note that even amidst them there are no all-round craftsmen who are able to make qualitative pictures in all genres. It is linked up with the fact that there are distinct specifics and features in every single genre.

Still life photography

It is a genre about capturing objects on camera that are gathered together in order to form a particular composition. The photographer of Still Life should have an excellent sense of lighting and composition. In this genre the photographer express the relation he has with the events. Going deeper, one of the most popular subgenres of Still Life art is Wedding photography. It is the area that belongs to catching the most unforgettable moments in different creative ways. Any paparazzo can transfuse his/her understanding towards this subject. There are people who like the traditional posed ways, others bases their pictures only at the exact moment.

However, in the present era, the wedding photo is the independent and animatedly developing subgenre. In this area some versions and styles of shooting could be assigned. However two styles are considered as the chief ones: reporting and classical. Long wedding day permits to make both production and reporting shots and to get all the details and interiors. Digital technologies significantly expanded possibilities of wedding photos renovating that is why various photos can be black-and-white or renovated in one of the modern art way, some images can be color and bright, and others having the blurred background. The genre of this wedding photo is in constant development — right from origin it is up there with different photo genres.

Portrait genre

This genre was emerged instantly with the photo appearance. With the assistance of portraits photographers began to repeat pictures of classical painting. It does not matter, the person is full length pictured or only his face is depicted – in both the scenarios it is a portrait picture.


So, it was just a meagre reference of some of the areas of photography. You can join up advanced photography classes in Delhi once you know which genre interests you the most.

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