4 Signs That it’s Time for Your Wisdom Teeth to go

Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth – the third molars are the last to erupt amongst the 32 set of teeth. They emerge between the age of 17 to 22. Because they are last to erupt, therefore, are known as ‘Wisdom Teeth’.

Earlier people did not have any problem with the eruption of wisdom teeth as the jaw sizes were larger. But now due to different eating habits the jaw size has reduced which makes it difficult for wisdom teeth to erupt. Not that they will never erupt but can cause pain while erupting and then might take a time or can experience hindrances.

Having impacted wisdom tooth can cause various problems and in certain cases, the dentist might even suggest getting it extracted. There are a few problems which one can face if they have erupted wisdom teeth such as:

  • Difficulty while chewing
  • Damage to the adjacent teeth
  • Gum infection
  • Tooth decay
  • Poor oral hygiene
  • Bad breath

Though these are to be taken notice of immediately there are a few problems which should not at all be avoided and if you are facing such issues then it might be suggested to get your wisdom tooth extracted. Such conditions include:

Impacted Wisdom Tooth

If you have impacted wisdom tooth then it will surely hurt. Though it causes the problems as discussed above and can be treated at times sometimes the wisdom teeth get embed in your gums which becomes hard to erupt. This will cause a lot of pain in your jawbone which will become unbearable after a certain time.

It will cause a lot of discomfort and pain while chewing, brushing or can even cause difficulty while talking since the pain will be intoxicating. In such cases, the dentist waits for some time and even then if they do not see any progress, then extracting wisdom tooth is the only option.

Crowding of Teeth

Since they are last to erupt therefore, the teeth which have already been erupted takes most of the space leaving no other space for them to develop. This creates crowding amongst the teeth and leads to pain in the jawbone. The chances of decay also increase due to crowding since the food we eat get stuck between the teeth. This makes brushing difficult and is the reason for poor oral health.

Having crowded teeth pushes them on each other causing pressure to the other teeth and are a reason of wear and tear of the tooth enamel. This might be the reason for sensitivity. Not only are your teeth troubled but this also affects your tongue. This happens because your tongue gets in when you speak or eat which will lead to a swollen tongue.

Infection in the Gums

When wisdom teeth are hard to erupt, they get embedded into the gums making it difficult to appear. This can result in red and swollen gums and also lead to tender gums. Swollen gums cause infection which might lead to severe pain in the gums.

Having infected gums is the first sign of developing gum disease known as gingivitis. If not cured on time gingivitis which is the primary disease can take the severe form of periodontal disease. In this, your gums are badly infected and gum pockets are created at the base of teeth. these pockets are the breeding ground of infection which might lead to serious oral and other diseases. Sometimes the infection can cause the cyst to develop.

Damage to the adjacent teeth

Since the wisdom teeth find it difficult to adjust they can push the second molar and make them be out of alignment. They push the adjacent healthy teeth which lead to wear down of the enamel. And once that happens, they cause high sensitivity.

Because they are out of alignment, therefore, they can trigger the pain and can be the reason for decay. This is because the food you eat get stuck between the crowded teeth and then it makes difficult to get rid of the stuck particles with the help of your brush. Due to crowding, it becomes difficult for even the floss to reach those areas.

If you are facing any of the above issues, then please do visit a dentist. Your dentist will first examine your teeth taking an X-Ray. After a thorough examination, if they found that it is causing severe trouble then he/she will advise you to get it extracted.

One should not delay in the process as the longer you delay the chances of it causing more damage increases day by day.

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