Affordable Spine Tumour Surgery in India


What is Spine Tumour ?

Spinal Tumour is basically the abnormal growth of tissue that is found to be growing around the spinal region especially the spinal column or the spinal cord region. It is considered to be bad for the health as it might turn out to be cancer at a later stage. Spinal tumours should not be entertained for a long time as it might lead to cancer which is at times incurable. Basic areas where the spinal tumour occurs are the regions like the cervical, thoracic, lumbar and sacrum. Thus, if the cancer is in your hereditary then it is strictly advisable to consult a doctor in order to get the cure on time.

How to know about the Spine Tumour?

An elongated back pain either on the middle portion or the lower back is considered to be one common symptoms for this spine tumour. Spinal tumour is considered to be malignant in nature and has the power of handicapping your entire body if it is left for a long time. Basically, this malignant tumour grows on the spinal cord and thus, it starts deviously spreading throughout the body. Further, depending on the spot where the tumour is developing, the symptoms might simultaneously change. Further, there are additional symptoms that is to be put in notice and doctors need to be consulted immediately.

·         You might experience a loss of sensation or might feel the weakness in the legs, arms or other parts of the body.

·         Gradually, as the tumour starts growing then you might feel the pain in walking

·         Further, there might be a loss of bowel or bladder function in the body.

·         Partial paralysis might occur at a certain period when the tumour starts entering the stage of maturity.

·         You might also face Scoliosis or other kind of spinal deformity due to the development of the tumour in the region.

Diagnosis of the Spinal Tumour

A proper medical examination putting more emphasis on the back pain can help you to diagnosis the Spinal Tumour.  Other ways of knowing about the Spina Tumour are as following

·         X- Ray- Through this method, you can get a visual image of the tumour developing on the back part of your body. This method can also help you to get the image of the portion from where the pain is actually emerging.

·         CT or CAT Scan- This method is another way of getting the images of the spinal tumour or tumour developing on any other part of the body depending on the pain that you get from the part of the body.

·         MRI- This method is otherwise known as Magnetic Resonance Imaging which is a diagnostic test that can basically produce the image of the spinal cord, parts of the nerve roots and the surrounding areas. Through this method, it becomes convenient for the individual to know about enlargement of the tumour.

After the examination or knowing about the tumour, get it confirmed by the Biopsy procedure! Thus, it is strictly advisable to go for an operation immediately after knowing about the size of the tumour to be on the safer side.

Affordable Spine Tumour Surgery in India

Spine Tumour Surgery cost in India has become quite affordable. There are numerous hospitals and surgeons in India who have gained expertise in this field. The cost for the Spinal surgery due to tumour will cost you within 7000- 8000 USD. This cost would include every possible treatment starting from the accommodation to the operation/ surgery.

·         The success rate of the surgery falls between 75-80%. Thus, one cannot be absolutely sure about the tumour surgery but there has been a lot of cases which have recorded a successful surgery

·         The Surgery begins from X-Ray, CT Scan and MRI and then there would be a biopsy procedure that would give the visual image of the spinal tumour and then it would end with the patient’s readiness for proceeding towards the operation.

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