Girl Scout Cookies Guide: Important Things About GSC

When it comes to a cannabis strain, the first thing that weed lovers notice is its name. In the case of many strains, their name is the only best thing about them. However, this is not the case when you are discussing Girl Scout Cookies. Popularly known as GSC, the strain is favorite of many cannabis users due to its sweet and earthy aroma. GSC is more than that! 

  • GSC As Strain

Girl Scout Cookies is a hybrid strain that consists of indica and sativa. The ratio includes more indica (around 60%) than sativa (approximately 40%). GSC is well-known for being a powerful strain, with 22% to 28% THC. Although the THC level is high, the content is less than 1% of CBD. The most common uses of GSC include appetite loss, pain, and nausea.

  • Origin Of GSC  

A theory on the origin of GSC leads to the Bay Area of Northern California. The cookie started to gain attention in the 2010s and soon became popular across North America. Right now, the strain is one of the most popular strains on the shelves of marijuana dispensaries. It is one of those products by SEC that patients can take to deal with stress, insomnia, pain, depression, and lack of appetite. 

GSC is an eye-appealing blend of gray and green colors. Its flowers are dense without a left.   

  • What To Expect From GSC

Girl Scout Cookies is an extremely powerful and true hybrid strain with high THC that lasts for many hours. For medical purposes, patients can take GSC to get rid of depression, pain, insomnia, and stress. In fact, it is known as an excellent pain reliever. The strain’s dosage results in a relaxed and happy individual. Apart from that, users can expect it to be great against depression. 

According to some regular consumers of Girl Scout Cookies, the hybrid strain makes them happy and chatty. Many of them suggest beginners to have cookies while watching a comedy show or playing an indoor game like cards.  

Similar to many strains in the cannabis world, GSC comes with a sweet aroma. It means the strain has various kinds of sweeter elements. Although the strain is an amazing mood-enhancer, it also has some side-effects. They include dry mouth and red eyes. One of the best ways to have GSC is to keep some water in hand.  

  • Where To Purchase The Strain 

Numbers of registered and authorized marijuana dispensaries are selling Girl Scout Cookies to users in regions where selling weed is legal. Users can also buy it from an online store that deals in various kinds of cannabis products, including GSC. While purchasing the product, users need to ensure that they are buying it legally from a shop selling the products in the highest quality.

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