How can Yoga help in improving the mental health?

Before people started doing yoga for curing chronic diseases or for getting better health, yoga was known for the improvement of mental health only. Yoga helps a lot in providing peace of mind to a person. Yoga was started thousands of years back in India, and today it is being practiced in the whole world. Most of the people prefer yoga to stay healthy instead of going to the gym. Because yoga is not just a good exercise or practice that can keep you fit and healthy, but it also keeps the different diseases away and even cures some of them, which other exercises not do. Even doctors also recommend yoga for many health issues.

When we talk about mental health issues, we know how common they are these days. Anyone can suffer from mental health problems because of different reasons. Especially the stress, anxiety, and depression are one of the very common mental issues. There are many people around us who are dealing with these mental health problems. In the 300 hours yoga teacher training, it is also been taught how to bring yoga in practice to keep mental issues away. The instructors that are taking the yoga classes there have taken the yoga teacher training in India. They help us learn how to do yoga, for different benefits.

Being a beginner, you can take the 200 hours yoga teacher training in Goa, as they will help you to learn the basic yoga poses for beginners for your mental health issues. Here, we are not going to tell you about the yoga poses that can help in healing mental problems. Because you can learn them with the help of yoga teacher in Goa also. Here, we will help you in knowing how yoga can benefit your mental health and can improve mental health issues. Let’s know what all benefits yoga can do for our mental health.


It helps you in becoming self-aware – Many of us do not take much care of ourselves. We may be good with others, but we do not tend to develop the same sense of responsibility for ourselves. But by practicing yoga one starts building a relationship with oneself. We start focussing on ourselves also. This makes us self-aware and helps us in learning more about ourselves. We tend to know what things are there in us which we need to work on. We also keep ourselves away from anger, or unnecessary arguments.


It eliminates the stress from the mind – Stress being one of the common mental issues is found in almost every other person. The reason for the stress can be anyone buy it affects both our mental and physical health. With the help of the yoga, the nervous system of our body can be calmed down. Also, when you practice yoga more and more, it helps in reducing the stress hormone known as cortisol in our body. The decrease in the stress hormone not just makes our mind feel relaxed, but it also helps other body parts also. Yoga helps in bringing the balance in our thought process, and that helps in eliminating the stress.


It can improve your concentration and can make you more focussed – From elders to young kids, everyone is recommended yoga, for becoming more focussed. Practicing yoga helps in increasing our mind’s concentration. There are different forms of yoga which require you to focus. The people who are above the age of 50 or 60, they are asked to perform the yoga as it helps in keeping their memory also. Otherwise, they may suffer from other mental issues like memory loss, Alzheimer, etc.


It also helps in keeping our mind positive by eliminating all the negative energies – You all would have heard from different yogis and yoga instructors that practicing yoga in the open air or in the morning hours, helps in refreshing our complete body. For this the best yoga exercise is meditation. Practicing meditation every day helps in keeping the negative energies away from our mind. The more you will practice meditation, the more you will be able to keep yourself positive.


Depression can be fought using the yoga – The reason behind the depression can be anything, but all it brings in your life is sadness, feeling lonely, negative thoughts, lack of confidence, and some self-harming thoughts. You can take anti-depressants suggested by your doctor for depression. But to cure it completely and to transform yourself from a depressed person to a happy person, you will need to practice yoga. Even medical science also says that yoga can help in fighting with depression as it acts as an anti-depressant for your brain. You can get yourself enroll for the yoga teacher training in India, to learn about yoga for depression. Some of the yoga asanas which focus on your mind and helps you in making aware of the present situation. It gives you the sense to think about whatever happens in the surrounding, by making you aware of your surroundings. All this helps in eliminating the depression from your life.

Just like the depression, the same applies to the anxiety also. During the anxiety we may feel distracted, we may have sweaty palms, we may feel fearful, and many such other symptoms can be seen. But to treat anxiety also, one can practice yoga.
Yoga can bring you mental peace and happiness – Mental peace and happiness are also linked with our brains. There are certain hormones in our body, which keeps changing. As a result, we may feel unhappy or our mind feels distracted. In this situation, our mind tries to seek calmness. For that, you can practice yoga, as you all know, that the main motive to start yoga was to achieve the calmness only. Practicing yoga increases the flow of oxygen and blood in the body and the brain. It provides our body with fresh oxygen, which reaches our mind and helps in making our mind calm. When our mind is calm and is away from negative thoughts, we tend to be happier.

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