How to maintain your RO Water Purifier?

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We all have been using RO Water Purifier for getting the pure and drinkable water. But how many of you know that RO Water Purifier also needs maintenance? Yes, RO Purifier needs maintenance to work properly. We need to take care of a few things so that we can keep getting safe drinking water. Here, we are sharing how you can easily do the maintenance of RO Water Purifier.

Clean your RO Tank

Cleaning RO Water Tank on regular intervals is necessary so that it can continue giving us clean water. Often the pipes of RO Purifier gets clogged because of the impurities or salty water. So, in that case, if we will not clean the RO Purifier, the quality if water may degrade. Also, it may stop working because of the clogging. So, from the filters to the pipes, you will need to clean everything in your water purifier to maintain it for a long time. Otherwise, the filtration capacity of the RO Purifier will get reduce.

Replacement of RO Membrane

To clean the contaminated water and provide us with safe drinking water, RO Purifier uses a semi-permeable membrane. With the help of this semi-permeable membrane, only the impurities of the water get filtered and the clean water passes through it. Most of us feel that once the RO installation is done, we do not need to do anything in that, and it will work like this for many years. But that is wrong because, after every three to four months, we need to replace the membrane. Otherwise, we will not be able to get pure drinking water. During the installation only, ask the concerned person or the RO customer service, that after how many months you will need to change the membrane.

Changing RO Filter

For maintaining your RO Water Purifier, it is important that you also replace the RO Filter timely. The water in the RO gets purify with the help of these filters only. It passes from these filters which reduces the different impurities, chemicals, and salt present in the water. If the filter of the purifier will not get replaced timely, your RO may stop working properly. As the pores of the filters will get clogged by the excess of impurities present in them. Do not wait to get the filter change. Just call the RO Service, and get it fixed soon.

RO Purifier Annual Maintenance

It is advisable to all, that does get the servicing done of your RO Water Purifier once in a year. Or at the time of the RO installation, do check and ask that how many times in a year you will need to get it checked or cleaned. Also, ask them with all the necessary information to keep your RO Purifier clean. If you will get the annual maintenance done timely, then your RO Purifier will work for a long time. And if any problem persists, do not wait till the time of annual maintenance, get it done quickly.

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