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A healthier heart goes a long way to keep your mind calm and relaxed. If your heart is healthy it looks good if you consider the long picture. Do not smoke and keep a control on your weight. But incorporating those thoughts into action is not a simple task. What would really matter is how you can put those into action. They need to be part of your daily practice. As per the inputs of the top10 cardiac surgeons in India you can set the ball rolling with the below mentioned tips. The best part about these tips is that they ensure you have a healthy heart on all counts

Have time to play

For effective heart healthy adults need 30 minutes of play for 5 days in a week. Consider exercise playtime as part of your schedule and the more you are likely to avail the better it is. You can play with your kids or your dog, after lunch you can go for a stroll with your co-workers. The bottom line is that you need 30 minutes of exercise on a daily basis. Once you are done with a 10 minute morning walk, try hand heights at lunch with a digging of your garden at dinner time.  By now it ensures that all your goals are met.

The heart rate should be up so that you are virtually breathless. At the same time you can carry on with your conversation. Any kind of exercise seems to be important at this stage.

Follow food rules as part of your daily schedule

  • Limitation of bad fat- If you are able to foster this habit this would go a long way in ensuring you have a healthy heart. Consumption of less saturated fat can reduce the incidence of heart disease by half. Make a switch to dairy and low fat meat and opt for healthier oils like olive oil.
  • Reduce the intake of salt- cut down the incidence of processed food, salt and it is advisable to go easy on salt shaker. It is suggested that you reduce your sodium intake to 1500 milligrams daily which is the prescribed limit in most cases
  • Pep up your produce- Your diet needs to include about 3 cups of fruits along with vegetables on a daily basis. This will lower down the risk of cancer, stroke or for the matter heart disease. There is an additional bonus associated with this tip as for the various fruits or vegetables you are consuming just a few calories are going on to the body. In the midst of this they fill you up
  • Opt for grains- Whole grains reduce blood pressure and cut down on the cholesterol levels. They also help you to deal with type 2 diabetes. Examples are delicious brown rice or white rice.

Maintain an ideal body weight

With advent of fatty foods, putting on weight is a recurring problem for people worldwide. Those extra pounds could be the tip of obesity which raises the incidence of high blood pressure in combination with stroke. The good news is that you can lose a few pounds to a healthy heart. You are likely to be bubbling with energy and going to feel a lot better.

  • Opt for good nutrition- opt for foods that are rich in nutrients. For example a can of regular soda would have around 120 calories with a lot of pepped up sugar. If you add sugar it can provide you with a lot of calories without any major nutritional benefits. To have the best in terms of nutrition opt for power packed snacks. It has healthy fats along with protein and has around 165 calories to be precise.
  • Balance from a calorie perspective- Be aware of the calories you need and the calories you are consuming. In order to lose weight, eat lower calories than what you need.
  • Be physical- finding time to move around 30 minutes during the course of the day. For children they would need around 60 minutes of activity on a day to day basis.

Figure out a way to cut down on smoking

Lung disease or cancer has a higher chance of heart attack. All of you are aware of the damages associated with smoking. But are you aware of the fact that tobacco has a strong relationship with early menopause, infertility along with a host of pregnancy complications.

No comprehensive way is there to cut down on smoking. Counselling, support groups or medicine and a combination of the three would be the best course of action. If you need any help it is better to reach out.

Combat stress

If you are doing nothing it goes a long way in keeping your heart healthy. Unplug daily and be sure to relax. Stress is virtually a villain and can cause havoc with your heart. Just take out some time for yourself during the day. Stay away from the phone, computer or any other distractions. If you are able to recharge your batteries you will find calm and energy

Schedule exams

Regular blood sugar, pressure levels, along with physical exams is important to keep the heart healthy. A couple of conditions can create havoc with your heart, high cholesterol along with high blood pressure are virtually silent killers. It means that you are not going to be aware of them till you are subject to testing. Discuss with your doctor on how often you need a heart check-up and schedule it on your calendar.

To conclude heart does appear to be one of the most important organs of the human body. There would be no harm in conferring the fact that it is the lifeline of our body. Anything goes wrong with the heart then we are trouble and our life is gone. So take care of your heart in the best possible way.  This can only be achieved if you incorporate healthy habits and make the necessary changes to your lifestyle.

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