Get massage in Dubai hotel & home at a very affordable price

Massage is an ancient technique used by our ancestors to get relaxed with fun and joy. Today also, this technique is used when a person needs relaxation. Dubai is one of the most luxurious cities in the world because it consists of magnificent buildings, peaceful beaches, excellent gardens, luxurious nightlife, soothing massage services and much more. Tourist after travelling around the city and local people after a hectic and busy week go to the excellent massage spas located in Dubai in order to get a soothing massage therapy which will offer them a great level of relaxation, pleasure and satisfaction.

Massage Dubai UAE is the topmost massage spa offering soothing massage in Dubai hotel & home at a very affordable price. In this service, we will send our beautiful and trained massage girls or models at your hotel, home or anywhere in Dubai to offer you highly relaxing and soothing massage services at very affordable prices.

We offer a wide range of massage services such as Thai massage, Nuru massage, Tantric massage, Full body massage, Body to body massage, Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Essential oil massage, Hawaii  Lomi Lomi Massage and many other massage services.

Our top massage services are as follows:

  • Body to body massage:

It is an ancient technique in which our trained and beautiful massage girls will rub their body against their client’s body in order to offer you soothing massage strokes which will repair and relax the steepest tissue of the body.

  • Nuru massage:

Nuru massage is a Japanese technique in which a special fragrant oil is used during the therapy to lubricate the client’s body. This oil will enhance your experience to a greater level and offers a great level of pleasure and joy along with satisfaction. Basically ‘Nuru’ in Japanese means ‘Slippery’.

  • Swedish Massage:

It is a European technique which is quite different from the basic Asian techniques. They use some kind of fragrant gel during the massage and give soothing massage strokes.

  • Full body massage:

Full body massage the basic massage techniques in which fragrant oil or gel is used to offer massage strokes to each part of the body.

  • Hawaii Lomi Lomi massage:

It is a Hawaiian massage technique which uses the combination of elements of prayer, but oils, dance and breathing. Our massage girls or guys use different techniques to soothe and relax your body. It energies and cleanse your body to a greater extent and reduces body pains.

  • Outcall Dubai massage:

In this service, we will send our massage experts at your place in Dubai according to your convenience. Our massage girls are caring and knowledgeable who use different techniques to offer you relaxing massage strokes and break muscle knots.

We also offer Reflexology Massage services which is basically a foot massage service. This massage is usually performed by the experts. It cleans the body toxins, boosts the immune system, increase circulation, promote healing, and balance the energy and much more. It is basically uses for therapeutic uses and it deals with headaches and stomach problems.

We use good quality products such as creams and lotions during the therapy. You are free to communicate with our massage experts if you are allergic to something or suffering from any skin disease, they will pick the best products which will suit your body very well.

Getting massage therapy once a month is beneficial for your health in many ways. It helps reducing headache, muscle pain, body pain, joint pain, back pain and neck pain. It enhances blood circulation, brain power, digestion power respiration power and much more. It will change your life in many ways such as, it makes you punctual, sharpens your memory, open up nerve cells and calms your mind to a greater extent.

We offer massage in Dubai hotel & home in all parts of Dubai. We charge 800 AED for 1 hour of massage service, 1400 AED for 2 hours and 3000 AED for full night or full day.

Visit our official website to get details about our outcall Dubai massage service and many other massage services, check our beautiful and handpicked model’s profile, our service prices and our massage spa. Contact us through call, email or message us in the message box displayed on our website along with your name and contact details and we will try our best to connect with you and solve your query within 24 hours. Call us to fix an appointment for a massage in Dubai hotel & home. Visit our massage spa in Dubai to get Incall massage services. For this service, we will provide you with our luxurious hotel-like room where you can enjoy the long and soothing massage session.

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