5 Secrets to Get More Beauty from Your Beauty Sleep

Beauty Sleep

A bad night’s sleep can set you up for a whole day of extra joe doses along with lack of concentration, dark circles, sneaky naps and an annoying moodiness. This is quite a common phenomenon, especially in contemporary times, as we often have to work the extra hours, lead a stressful life and also often push the bedtime further to binge-watch or to party.

But sleeping is essential for a number of reasons and your beauty is one of the primary reasons why you need an optimum amount of shuteye. Beauty sleep is required for the repairing of your skin. If you want to look radiant, beautiful with great skin and hair then the beauty sleep is absolutely essential.

Here are some things that you should keep in mind so that you can make the most of your beauty sleep. Just take a look.

  • Set the Optimum Temperature – It is a general tendency for people to get warm and have a nap. But sleeping in a hot room can affect the sleep negatively although it can make you sleep easily. 22-23 degrees Celsius is the best temperature to sleep. Less slow wave sleep (that helps the brain to rest) as well as reduced REM sleep is promoted by the higher temperatures. That is why in the summers you are restless and fail to sleep well.
  • Keep Yourself Hydrated – If you take lots of water before going to bed, then that can add to the disturbed sleep as you have to go for regular toilet breaks. But the structured water in nuts and veggies release the water slowly and so you must go for these instead of the salty processed snacks. Your skin is bound to thank you for that.
  • Keep the Hair Tied Back – You should tie the hair in a loose knot for keeping away the oil and dirt from the pillow to the face. This not only keeps the hair out of the face, but it also helps you to stay away from the hair breakage. You should tie the hair in a high pony which will allow the scalp to breathe. You should not, however, tie it too tight as the crown hair starts to thin first. You should always try to tie your hair in a loose manner especially if your hair is long. Otherwise your hair may get tugged as you are asleep.
  • Use the Satin Sheets – The satin pillowcases and sheets cause much less friction as compared with the cotton ones. This leads to lesser hair and skin damage. If you are not able to purchase a full set of sheets, you can just choose the pillowcase. It can make a huge difference with the skin and the hair. The face can slide instead of crunching against the stain. As a result of that, the face crunches against the satin and no sleep lines are formed.
  • Stay Away from Pillow Face – Sleeping can also lead to the formations of wrinkles. Here temporary pillow-marks are not being talked about. Rather it is about “real sleep wrinkles” which are about the skin being pushed and pulled against the pillow. This damages the skin-smoothening collagen over time. So it is always recommended that you should sleep on your back to future-proof your skin. If you lie down on your face or on your side, the pillow can lead to the formation of lines.

The above are some of the things that you should consider so that you can wake up feeling great and looking fresh, wrinkle-free and beaming with gaudy hair. But ensure that you sleep well at night as that is most essential for looking gorgeous naturally. If you are unable to do that you must consult with a reputed sleep specialist in Long Island Ny as soon as possible so that any hidden cause can be detected and treated before long and you can look your best all the time.

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