Some Pains are Physical, Some are Mental but the one that’s both is Dental

Have you ever come across a situation wherein you have felt nagging pain in your tooth? Or have you ever felt pain in your jaw? Or do you feel pain while eating or chewing?

Well if the answer to any of these questions is yes then you have tooth infection which is also called abscess.

The reason of having infected tooth can be many for instance maintaining poor dental hygiene, injury or trauma. Any of the reasons stated can make bacteria enter into the tooth pulp which infects the root directly or infects gums and bone near the root. All these cases let the bacteria enter into tooth pulp which infects the root or gums and bone near the root of the tooth. Once the infection enters a tooth it spreads to neighbouring areas causing infection to other body parts as well.

One should never ignore if they come across tooth infection and should consult their dentist immediately.

How to know if you have an infected tooth?

Monitor the Tooth-Pain – The infected tooth causes continuous pain which can be severe with time. The pain can sometimes be sharp throbbing pain and can reach to ear, jaw or even head. If the you feel such pain then visit your dentist immediately. He/she will tap on the teeth infected, if you feel the pain then you have an abscess. If you feel pain in the entire region and the dentist is unable to point the exact tooth, this means that whole area is affected badly.

Do not Ignore Sensitivity – Some amount of sensitivity is quite normal. Like hot and cold sensations while consuming hot or cold beverage or food. But if you have an abscess tooth. Then these sensations turns out to be so severe that you will feel a shooting pain which stays there even after you have consumed food or beverages. These sensations can effect your pulp to the extent that you might need to undergo root canal treatment.

Pain while Eating – If you have an abscess tooth then there are chances that you might feel pain while chewing food specially solid food. This is because chewing creates pressure on your tooth and jaw which can lead to pain. You feel continue to feel the pain even after you’ve stopped eating.

Swelling on the gum – Abscess can cause swelling on the gum which is filled with pus. The swelling looks like a pimple near infected tooth. This is the obvious sign of infection. Apart from this bad odour and poor sense of taste are the signs to know that you are suffering from infection.

If you face any of the above consequences then do visit an Endodontist. They specializes in treatment of dental pulp.

The treatment purely depends upon the amount of infection spread.

The dentist first clear the infection and then advise oral antibiotics such an penicillin if required. The dentist then opens the tooth to remove the contents of infection within the pulp chamber. The pus which is caused due to infection is drained through incision on soft tissue.
If the infection has spread largely then immediate attention is required. This is because if not cured in time it can lead to swelling in the jaw or face and can also lead to fever.

It is also advised to undergo root canal treatment as it helps to clean out the infection completely from the root. It is the most common way to save the tooth. The endodontist can perform the same. They drill into the tooth and cleans the pulp from the root canal which can further lead to your gums. The empty spaces are further sealed with rubber a rubber material called gutta percha.
If the infection is in excess or the structure that surrounds the tooth is lost from decay then extraction is the only solution left. As if not extracted the infection can spread to the neighbouring tooth thus affecting the area surrounding the infected tooth.

Maintaining good oral hygiene is the only preventive measure to avoid infection. Also regular visits to a dentist can help you to be well aware about your dental problems. Visiting a nearby dentist can also help you and in case you are confused which dentist to go with then, you can always opt for dentist near me options and can further explore.

So the next time you feel pain in your teeth do not avoid instead visit a dentist immediately.

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