Yoga – A Boon For Reproductive Health

Vinyasa Yoga

Most people associate yoga to losing weight or gaining a flexible and toned body. But did you know that there are many other benefits of a consistent yoga practice like improving fertility? Yes, yoga is a great practice to follow if you want to prepare yourself for pregnancy. It is known that yoga relaxes both mind and body, and though it does not guarantee conception directly, it surely helps in a big way by reducing one’s stress level.

Various Yoga courses in India offer exercises combined with mindfulness meditations that can help address a lot of women’s health issues. Science has proven that yoga is beneficial in enhancing mind-body awareness, promoting physical movement, and developing acceptance of your internal experience of thoughts, emotions and sensations. When we talk of women in relation to men, they are more at a danger for experiencing issues related to reproduction or in conception or childbearing process. So let’s see how yoga can help with this aspect.

Yoga for Reproductive Health

There are various methods of yoga these days, and popular among them is Vinyasa yoga in India. Each yoga pose helps in strengthening one’s mind and regaining better health, including better reproductive ability.

Fertility yoga is one of the best practises to improve reproductive health as it cuts down stress in your life and eventually gets you ready for conception and pregnancy. Some key yoga poses help in nurturing, supporting and strengthening your endocrine and overall reproductive system. As the endocrine system is important for maintaining proper hormonal balance, hence performing fertility yoga poses that stimulate healthy endocrine function is very important.

Physical Benefits

Practising yoga on a regular basis has marked positive effects on the body, such as toned muscles, improved stamina and immunity. However, following a yoga practice consistently when you are trying to conceive will enable in loosening your muscles and breaking down scar tissues, which results in improving the blood flow to your reproductive organs. Also, some yoga poses such as chair pose, crescent lunge, goddess pose, and pigeon pose help in strengthening the pelvic floor — thus, preparing you for pregnancy and childbirth. Yoga could also be useful in easing symptoms of a medical condition called endometriosis, which could lead to possible infertility.

Enhances Libido

If you are stressed, you will be less driven towards sex, which obviously cuts down your chances of conception. However, yoga does enhance the libido by alleviating stress, improving the oxygen levels and the blood flow to the pelvic area, and releasing endorphins while one is exercising. The specific poses that help in increasing libido in women are:

  • Lotus pose
  • Downward-facing dog
  • Shoulder stand
  • Seated wide-angled forward bend
  • Cat or cow flow
  • Happy baby pose
  • Eagle pose

However, it is advised to consult your doctor before beginning a yoga routine in case you are trying to conceive. If you have become pregnant, then you must ensure to get your doctor’s nod for practising yoga in your pregnancy and then join some classes which are specific for pregnant women as some regular yoga classes might be dangerous, particularly in the first trimester. Check out specialised programs suitable for your needs.

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