What is Skilled Visa Subclass 887 All About?


The beacon that dispels the darkness of provisional condition from visa subclass 489 is the acquisition of Subclass 887 Visa. At last the long longed Permanent Residency (PR) is in sight. Completion of at least two years in a specified regional area and worked there for a period not less than one year, comes to its fruition.

Overview for 887 visa:

This 887 Visa is for those who comply with 887 visa requirements. It caters to the applicants who have lived and worked in specified areas of regional Australia on a previous, eligible visa. This visa holder can stay indefinitely in Australia. A sum of AUD 415 is required for the visa which has a timeline of 75% processed in 18 months and 90% processed in 21 months.

887 Visa deciphered:


This 887 Visa permits one to

  • Legally work and study in Australia irrespective of the location

  • Conveniently sponsor relatives with eligibility for permanent residence

  • Apply for Australian citizenship with eligibility

  • The value add to this visa is it comes without any conditions attached to it

Eligibility Criteria for 887 visa:

The primary criteria of the applicant to look forward to meeting the 887 work and residence requirements

  • To be eligible the applicant must be in Australia with an eligible visa

  • Visa subclasses 489, 495, 496, 475 or 487 are eligible or

  • Bridging visa A or B are also eligible if a valid application for a subclass 489, 495 or 487 visas is lodged

  • Must have eligible visas for at least two years

  • Compliant with residence requirements

  • When applying one must have completed 2 years of their life totally in Australia

  • It must be a regional or a metropolitan area of low -population growth

  • In case of an eligible family member sponsoring, it must be for a designated area of Australia

  • Compliant with work requirements

  • In the above-mentioned area, the applicant must have put up a year’s full-time work if the applicant has one or more skilled visas which are eligible

  • 35 hours per week is full-time work

  • It can also be part-time employment simultaneously in combination with regular work

  • Work can be nominated one or not

  • Must be in abidance with eligible visa conditions

  • For the whole visa period, the applicant and the family members having eligible visa must follow the visa conditions

  • Health and character requirement must be satisfactory

  • All the visa holding family members and the applicant must have undergone health checks

  • Applicant and above 16 years visa holders and not accompanying family members must also meet this requirement

  • Must have signed the Australian Value statement

  • If the applicant is 18 years or above must know about life in Australia

  • Must sign the Australian Values statement as a matter of respect and follow the law of the land in spirit

  • Must not have the barrier of previous visa cancellation or refusal

  • Must comprehend that visa cancellation will affect the eligibility criteria

  • Must have paid or arrange to pay any dues if pending to the Australian Government

This applies to all the members of the applicant’s family

Essential steps:

Before applying to prepare all essential documents.

There is no need to approach a migration agent. Incase needed it is prudent to see a registered migration agent Perth. In the event of someone acting on behalf of the applicant, complete information should be given beforehand. Collect all the relevant documents like

  • Identity proof

  • Proof of character

  • Proof of compliance with visa conditions

  • Proof of partner and dependent children identity

Visa application for 887 visa

  • Can be done online

  • Applicant along with other family members who are applying must be in Australia at the time of application lodging

After applying for 887 visa

  • Notification about the application reaching the concerned department will be given

  • In case of an applicant holding a bridging visa, visa 887 grant will be notified

Visa outcome

  • The time is taken for visa granting decision the applicant can be outside Australia

  • But at the time of visa grant, the applicant must be in Australia

  • The decision will be given in writing

  • In case the visa is granted – visa grant number, date of visa start and all visa conditions will be notified

  • It is prudent to keep a copy of the visa decision

  • In case of visa refusal, the applicant will be notified about the right to review


As a skilled regional visa holder, the applicant has pleasing benefits. Apart from being able to stay, study and work in Australia one can

  • Participate in Australia’s Health Care Scheme i.e. Medicare will take care of compensating the expenditure incurred by the applicant

  • Fulfilling the eligibility criteria, reaching for Australian citizenship, is possible

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