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As commonplace as it may seem, a divorce is an enormous task. If you are planning to ask your spouse for a divorce or you know a divorce is coming, you can safeguard your best interest by preparing for what is to come by being proactive before the divorce proceedings begin. While it may feel insensitive or selfish to plan for a divorce, especially if your spouse is not aware, do remember that while ending of a marriage is an emotional issue, a divorce is a legal process after all. If you enter into legal process with an emotional state of mind, it’s quite likely that your divorce will be harder on both of you. Speak to your divorce lawyer Fort Pierce before you take the final plunge.

Discussed below are few things you need to do, to prepare for your impending divorce.


At this stage of your divorce process legal advice is paramount. So consulting an attorney is certainly in your best interest. Although you haven’t filed for divorce yet, your attorney can analyse your situation and provide you with valuable information to help you move forward. They can also apprise you of issues you may not have considered, like health coverage, retirement benefits, and educational expenses. No two divorce cases are same, so seeking advice from top divorce attorneys in Florida about the specifics of your case can definitely help you be better prepared.


Divorce processes require a lot of documentation. To avoid last minute scrambling and running, or not being able to access vital documents, be proactive about collecting necessary documents pertaining to your divorce. You’ll need copies of your bank accounts, investment papers, properties and other assets, medical coverage, tax information, etc. Make copies of everything and keep one set for yourself and give another to a trusted aide for safekeeping.


Take stock of your finances before the divorce process begin. Look over your account information, investment, retirement funds, and anything that you and your spouse keep separately from each other. Once you know your position, consider separating your accounts. Once the divorce process starts, you will need your own individual checking and savings account. Also, open credit cards that your spouse can’t access, so that you have financial privacy and a chance to shore up your credit independently. Depending upon how close you are to filing for divorce, you may or may not want wait to create your own separate accounts. If you aren’t sure what is best for you, speak to your financial advisor or your divorce lawyer Fort Pierce to seek advice.


Very often spouses have access to each other’s digital lives, like emails, social media accounts, banking and other PINs, etc. Take stock of your digital life and secure wherever necessary and change all your passwords. Secure your phone and be aware that your spouse might be checking on what numbers you have been in constant touch with. If you have any inkling of your spouse being suspicious, use another number to make any divorce related calls. Social media evidence is often used in divorce and custody matters, so keep a check on your social media usage until after the divorce is final.


Every parent considering divorce worries about the effect it may have on their children. Fortunately there are ways you can prepare your children for the impending change in their lives. Even before the divorce proceedings begin, you can help them be emotionally calm. Pay additional attention to their studies, encourage co-curricular activities, and take them for outings so that you are able to spend some quality time together. By ensuring that your children have a firm support system, both inside and outside of your home, you can equip them for the ensuing change.


Divorce can be financially draining, so it’s in your best interest to plan ahead. Once you have studied you financial position, as suggested above, it’s time to sit down and set a budget. Take into account the additional expenditure that you may incur during your divorce, such as rent, your medical coverage, your Fort Pierce divorce attorney fees, etc. Once your financial goals are set, get to work saving as much as you can.

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