5 Most Common Problems with TV and Their Possible Fixes

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With shifting technologies, our TV viewing experience has evolved considerably. We don’t have those boxy sets in our homes anymore – The new age smart TVs and flat screens have taken over the market. However, even the best TVs must be repaired at some point. TV Repair Company, which specializes in TV repair Brampton, takes a look at some of the common problem with televisions and possible ways to fix them.

  1. A blue or green screen. It is very likely that your TV is not getting a signal. Check the TV immediately for connections and make sure that all the connections are done as required. In some cases, it can be related to the loose connections or probably the wire is not in the input source as required. It is also possible that the receiver must be reset again for getting signal. If none of that works, consider calling the experts of TV Repair Company, who can fix things then and there.
  2. TV is not turning on. This can be a mechanical fault or something is wrong with the connections. Check if the TV can be turned on without using the remote control, because the batteries may have gone dead. If this is a mechanical problem, there isn’t much you can do. DO NOT attempt to open the TV. The experts of TV Repair Company recommend calling for help immediately, and in some cases, it can be a complicated issue that may need immediate attention.
  3. The settings are messed up. Probably the cat sat on the remote or your toddler simply pressed the buttons on the remote to his heart’s content- It is possible to have botched up TV settings for no apparent mistake either. The first thing you can do is check the instruction manual that the manufacturer had sent, and if you can probably do a restore. If nothing seems to fix the problem, call up TV Repair Company for immediate assistance.
  4. There is no picture, but the sound is on. There can be an issue with the screen itself. If you have checked all the connections and there is no visible issue with the TV, it is best to call the experts. TV Repair Company sends their repairmen within 24 hours of receiving a call, so you can expect to get your TV fixed without delay.
  5. The TV doesn’t work at all. One fine day, you may realize that the TV is not working at all. It might be related to voltage fluctuations at night, or the appliance was probably damaged after a night of thunder. If you don’t get any response from the TV, make sure that you check with a repairman for repairs. Do not attempt to repair the TV, because you never know what went wrong in the first place.

Why choose TV Repair Company?

TV Repair Company deals in all kinds of LCD monitor and LED television parts repair in Greater Toronto Area, and have their own team of technicians. The company is also known for its warranty on selected jobs and repairs, which is offered for a period of 90 days. TV Repair Company is one of the few companies to offer repairs within 24 hours, and they can handle repair needs in areas like Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Toronto,Markham, Brampton, Mississauga, Oakville to name a few. They are also experienced when it comes to repairing audio and sound equipment, and if you want to install new equipment and TV in the house, their experts can simplify the entire process, including mounting the set on the wall.

With two decades of experience in TV repairs, the company specializes in handling all kinds of brands and models. Additionally, they also have a special 10% discount on all services for seniors, regardless of the size of the job. If you need help with LG TV repair or want to reset the settings, make sure to call them to experience their service better. TV Repair Company is accessible on phone and email, and if you need to get references, their team will be happy to assist. Don’t let the TV ruin your viewing experience with the family – Call TV Repair Company right away for further assistance.

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