5 Principle to Affordable Destination Weddings

Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are not only for the rich! Despite giving a feel of ultra-lavish and spectacle, they are something that people will less money can also afford, provided their get the planning right. If you are ready to play the game by the rules, such weddings then can be easy on the pocket. With experts on your side, you can always host a destination wedding without going under the mountain of debt.

However, for that to happen, you need everything planned out well in advance – from the location to the arrangements to guest list to accommodation. With some creative or innovative budgeting ideas, you can also enjoy the charms of a destination wedding and keep the memories for the rest of your life. So, focus more on the planning stage to realize the goal of a dream wedding.

Here are some key principles to affordable destination weddings –

1. Tone down your to-do list

If you have budget issue and yet want a destination wedding, the topmost priority should then be on toning down on your to-do list. Basically, you have to realize that all dreams can’t be fulfilled and the ceremony itself is nothing less than an achievement. So, it’s better to include in ceremonies only the things that really matter like flowers, music, food, cake. You needn’t hire a famous dance troop or orchestra to perform at the wedding; neither do you need to ferry guests from chopper. Stick to the bare minimum when you plan a budget destination wedding.

2. Be wise with your destination

Everybody knows a destination in the hills or on the pristine beaches is the stuff of the dreams. People die to attend marriage ceremonies against the backdrop of palaces, mountains or ponds. More idyllic the location, more mesmerizing the experience would be for the wedding. However, when you’re tight on budget, you need to be wise with the destination. Rather than choosing a hippy and popular place, you can better do with a location that is beautiful, meaningful yet away from popular trappings best fit for celebrities. The destination alone could cost you a bomb if you’re not able to resist their temptation.

3. Go for an off-season wedding

A destination wedding in peak season means your wallets can be ripped apart for sure. You will then pay exorbitant prices for every booking, from the location to the caterer to the accommodation to the flower etc. For budget-conscious people, a good option is to prefer an off-season wedding and avoid needless thrust on the wallet. This will not only save you on cost but also on the rush of people as bookings will be easily available and you can then plan things better. So, keep this essential principle in mind and help your destination wedding go off within the budget you have in mind.

4. Get your guest list and bookings right

Hosting a destination wedding does not mean inviting everyone from your extended family or distant relatives or friends. You got to be frugal here as if budget is on top of your mind, it’s then always better to send invites to those who’re really close to you. Only the people you know and meet regularly should be part of the wedding to keep the budget manageable. Once the guest listing is done, you must immediately swing into action for bookings of the hotel, travel, transport etc. This will save you last-minute hitch and probably save some money that otherwise would go on hurried bookings.

5. DIY Decor

When you have a destination wedding on a beautiful location, it can help you save some money with decoration and embellishments. When the landscape itself is charming, you would probably trim down on décor part and let the guests relish the charms of the location itself. You can avoid needless expenses on flowers and create own bouquets and centrepieces. There won’t be much tension with wedding furniture hire as you needn’t choose the best of tables and chairs when the backdrop itself is ethereal. You can keep décor part to a bare minimum and save a lot in the process.

Clearly, budget destination weddings need some principles to follow to become a success even without burdening the pocket much.

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