5 Ravishing Styles Of Kurti And Jeans Duo That You Must Never Miss At All!

Kurti’s are elegant and stylish wear for modern day women. You can pair a Kurti with anything, and all it will be at the end is a ravishing look. However, turn over your looks with a unique combination of a Kurti with jeans. It actually gives a simple, classy yet chic look. Now this attire is going to be the best for any occasion be it formal or casual. You are definitely going to fall in love with your own looks!

Short Kurtis come with a beautiful sea of collections but picking the right one can put the women in a daze. Let’s us shower you with some insights on some stunning combinations of Kurti with jeans. Brace up the fashionista in you!

1. Fashionable Jean with a long Kurti

Jeans with a short top is an old style. Nowadays pairing jeans with long kurtis is so much of gracefulness in disguise. Catch up a long plain Kurti with side slits or an umbrella cut printed Kurti for your dark shaded jeans. You will adore yourself surely!

If you want a simple but decent look for formal and office wear events, you can pair a white long kurta top with a blue coloured jean. Nothing could show off your style and elegance than a perfect white Kurti! You can also add a stole as a round off around your neck for added beauty.

2. Shirt Style Kurtis for Modish look

Want a difference in your wardrobe collection. Walk in style with a plain buttoned shirt style kurti. It comes in either long or short length. Suit yourself with the best. It is suitable for most of the office, college and work locations.

Collared, sleeve patterns of short kurtis are a variation to the current styles that you can try. Pick out subtle colours that go well with both light and dark coloured jeans. For accessories simple ear loops, scarf around the neck and shoes go well.

3. The Raw Combo of Short kurti &Jeans

This is an age-old combo, but still stays in heart for most of the women community! There is no age bar for this combination style, making it popular among women of teenage to mid age group.

It’s a good option for college hyping women, again 3/4th sleeves are a popular option to this, and however, you can also choose puff sleeves which gives a chic sense of fashion. Buttoned sleeves with side hanging style Kurtis are also a prevalent option to try on.

4. Flamboyance and Style with Side Slit Kurtis

Vibrant colours brighten your looks while subtle colours can enhance your style. A messy bun, oxidized jhumkas and kohl with a cream pastel coloured side slit kurti is going to leave all eyes staring at you! Trust me with this. Grab one sooner because you are going to be in the hotlist definitely for this enriching combo.

5. Jewel up with Stylish Front Slit kurti

Front slit kurtis are an example of sheer elegance exemplified by the long slit. The slit accentuates the beauty of this attire. It goes best with ripped jeans and high heels. You will look bedazzling at any party you go to! You can try unique neck pattern styles too! Long bejewelled ones are a truly magnificent design to try on.


The best styles of dressing attract people and show off the panache in you! Make yourself look the best with your flair and leave eyes turning wherever you go with the short kurtis and long kurtis design! Be beautiful, be you!

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