Learn the Secret Codes of Freemason Society

Freemason is one of the oldest self-volunteer fraternal organization of the world that traces its origin since the 14th century. They are considered as a secret freemason society as not many people know about their practices and rituals.

They believe in one supreme being that is the lord of all the creations in the universe and they give the message of universal brotherhood. If you want to become a freemason then there are certain things that you must know before going to a lodge.

Why do you want to join freemason society?

Before joining freemason society, you must first ask this question to yourself. As when you will go to a lodge to join freemason society you will be asked the same question by the master of the lodge.

If you are just curious about their practices or you just want to join a secret society, then you should forget about joining them. As they don’t take people who are just curious about knowing their rituals and practices. They are a group of people who works for the betterment of society and humankind by spreading the message of peace and universal brotherhood. And they only take the individuals who are like-minded with their philosophy.

If you think they are a religious or political society and you think you can gain some knowledge of religion or backing in politics then also this organization is not for you. They only believe in one supreme being and talking about religion and politics is strictly banned. If you also believe in all these things then you can surely become a freemason.

Some common terms used by freemasons

If you are joining a freemason society then there are some common terms that you should know of. Like many other organizations, they also use some common words by giving them some special meaning as per their organization. There are also some words that you will not hear anywhere else in the world except in the freemason society. Some of their common terms are as follows:

  • Lodge

Lodge in freemason terms is the name given to the place or building or a room where a group of masons meets for their usual activity.

  • Grand lodge

A grand lodge is the governing authority of all the lodges which comes under its jurisdiction.

  • Degree

In order to advance your stature in the lodge, you have to attain a degree. There are degrees for the apprentice, master, etc and a proper ritual is done when the masons are awarded the degrees.

  • Light

Light is the term used to denote the masonic knowledge.

  • A word or the pass

A word or password is used by the masons to recognize the stature of the mason according to his degree.

  • Sign

A sign is a symbolic term used for hand gesture which is the identification mode between masons.

If you want to Become a freemason then it is better to research about them first before going to a lodge to join them.

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