Free basic, simple makeup and cosmetics tips and tricks.

cosmetics tips and tricks

If you are a makeup lover and wants to look fashionista whole time, for this you can never afford heavy makeup whole time on your face. In this case, it is necessary to use some basic and simple makeup that will help you with your better-looking whole day. You can use basic tips and tricks that will help you in your fashionista look. Here you read all the basic and simple tips and tricks that will help you in better makeup engagement. Here is the list of some basic tips and tricks.

Face cleaning:

Face cleaning is necessary for your makeup either you are doing makeup in day or night. Some women think that night is perfect for a better face cleaning and no need in the morning, but some think that either it is morning or evening, face cleaning is necessary when you are going for makeup and after that also. The market is full of different types of face washes. You can use according to the doctor’s opinion. You can also use a multi-working face wash that also helps in massage of the face and help in reducing acne, black, and whiteheads. Gently massage face wash with pores of the finger that will help you in better result.

Treat according to face type:

 It is important to keep in mind the type of face. There are two major and common types of faces one is dry and second is moisturized. If your face is light moist then you can use makeup according to tutorials and styles. But if your face is too much moist then you can use an oil-free face wash to get rid of moisturizing. And if your face is dry then you can use a moisturizer for your face. You can use lotions and some moisturizing creams for better makeup results.

Get rid of annoying marks:

Marks on any ones face can be annoying. For a better makeup result you need to get rid of these marks and who is it possible? You can use simply BB cream for marks on face. If you have marks of acne black and whiteheads, BB cream will also help you in this case. You can solve your dark circle problem with BB cream. When you are using BB cream and concealer on dark circles under eyes, you will definitely find a better result.

Shape your Lips:

Lips are important and attractive part of makeup. Lips shape is not easy to make. You need to understand your lips shape and then use the shade according to the event. It depends on you that how you are using your Lips makeup. But we suggest you Lips outliner. Because Outliner can help you to make a better lip shape. You can fill up lips with any type of shape. After that try to keep your lips and makeup moist. Because dryness can add cracks in your makeup.

Highlight your eyes:

Eyes are also an important part of makeup same like lips. As you are in the basic and simple phase of makeup so you can keep your eyes simple by using KAJAL. It is necessary to keep your eyes natural for this you can use simple kajal with black and brown color on the lower lid. For the upper lid, you can use any type of color you want. But if you are looking for Smokey eyes. It can be a better option but depends on your event for which you are doing makeup. And if you are looking for mascara then it totally depends on your choice.

Last Lines:

We have provided you a list of basic and simple tips and tricks that you can use for a better result. And we tell you only those things that are available in the market easily. And you can find all these makeup and cosmetics online for shopping. So try to keep your makeup and cosmetics simple and use the basics of cosmetics.  

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