Kurta Craze in Today’s Time

Fashion is an expression itself that defines an individual by their clothing etiquettes, lifestyle, makeup, hairstyle, body proportions and foot wears.  Fashion is for a short term period whereas style lasts longer and maybe forever.  Fashion is not only about our attires,it’s also about one’s makeup, accessories etc. Fashion trends have been constantly evolving over centuries for both men and women. Since the clothes came into existence, people are more likely to experiment something new each day with their outfits to look flawless.

People prefer western clothing the most. Western attire consists of casual wear, formal wear, semi-formal clothes and informal wear. This type of clothing style includes hat, footwears, shirts, leather belt, coat, trousers, neckwears etc. People have followed western attire so much that they have made it an international style to some extent.

At a standstill, there are many people that like to be different in form of choosing their attire like ladies and girls are going for ladies kurta now days.Kurtais also worn by men in some countries of South Asia. It is defined as a collarless shirt in Persian.  The trend came into eyes of people from the north India. Kurta for women come in different varieties out of which there are 34 basic designs like Punjabi kurta, biharikurta, short kurta, knee length kurta, floor touch kurta, slit kurti, reversible kurti, tulip kurti, kaftan style kurti, flared kurti etc. Customized kurtas can also be made if you are a person of bespoke spark. Each kurta set enhances your look by its elegance and comfort.

While the time of its formation, kurta had been one of the most loved attires by people of India, Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh and even Sri Lanka. This was designed for men but kurtashave evolved so much with passing time in its style sense that it gained popularity among women and became regular attire for them in many countries which has its own term named as kurti.

It is a type of loose shirt worn by many people around the world. Traditional kurtas do not have collars on their neck. Most people also prefer to wear it on formal events.Kurtas wore on formal occasions are fastened with cloth balls, loops, buttons or tassels. It can be worn with salwars, chudidars, pyjamas etc. Fashion designers have experimented so much with it and are also successful in finding endless options.In terms of looking unique, many females have followed the trend and extended it to such level that people are pairing up their kurti with denims to make a fashion fusion. Jeans are preferred the most as they look super sexy.Straight cut kurta with blue jeans is very popular these days. Kurtis also looks super dope when paired with silver or gold matching jewellery and contrasting foot wears.

Due to increasing popularity, people of the U.S., France, Italy and Middle East have given their hearts to this style. Kurta has left its impact in their lives so much that they have chosen it for themselves and made it a global fashion pick.

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