10 Most Hyped Myths About Lesbian Relationship

There are numerous myths about lesbians and their relationships which are completely wrong. It is not right for people to just create a wrong image of any group they do not belong to. In this article, I will point out some myths about lesbians. I just want to show that people have been so wrong about lesbians. They are actually not that different from us. These myths are

  1. They Want To Be Men – Let me tell you that they don’t want to be men. It is just a misconception. It is true that some lesbians are butch. But that does not mean that they want to be men. They are just butch. They don’t want to change their gender. So people should change this misconception.
  2. They Hate Men – This is also one of the wrong myths about lesbians. They don’t hate men. People just have a misconception that just because they are lesbian they hate men. Let me tell you that they are just not attracted to men. It’s quite common for a lesbian to have male friends. You will see that more often. So if you believe in this myth, think again.
  3. It’s all about Sex – This is a very wrong myth. A lesbian relationship is just like any other normal relationship. It’s about love. It’s about commitment. It is about passion. It’s not all about sex. Sex is normal in every relationship. Even in the lesbian relationship, both partners have sex. But they also like to go out on date. They also like to give surprise to each other. They also talk about their future. You need to change your mind regarding that.
  4. In Lesbian Relationship One Is Man And One Is Woman – It’s also a wrong myth. There is no man or woman in a lesbian relationship. I mean to say there is no gender deficiency and manly role. The roles are interchangeable in their relationship.
  5. It’s A Choice – Who told you that? I mean seriously. Being a lesbian is not a choice. They are naturally attracted to other women. They have that feeling from inside. It’s not like that they had a bad experience with other men so they became lesbian. It’s an emotion, not a choice.
  6. They Were Sexually Abused – I find this myth quite funny. You know what she must have been sexually abused in her childhood that is why she turned into a lesbian. That is not true at all. It has nothing to do with being a lesbian. It is not true that all the lesbians had a bad childhood. A lot of lesbians had a perfect childhood. It was not even shown in the research so how can you believe in that. So if you are having this misconception, you are wrong.
  7. Their relationship doesn’t last long – People are guessing it wrong that if she is lesbian, their relationship would not last long. There are many lesbians marriage that has been successful. Because relationship just needs efforts and commitment. You should work on it. You should express your love with lesbian quotes. That way it will last long and that thing successful lesbians do. I just want to say that it has nothing to do with being straight or gay. Even some straight marriages have not been successful. That is a fact.
  8. They Are Not Religious – It is true that homosexuals are just hated by a religious extremist. But it does not mean that they all hate religion. There are many religious lesbians. They follow their religion just like everyone else.
  9. Lesbians Love Every Woman they meet – You must change this misconception regarding lesbians. Lesbians are just like straight people. You tell me one thing does a straight guy falls in love with every woman he met? No. That is the same case in lesbians. A lesbian woman is attracted to other woman but they are not just attracted to every woman they have just met. That is seriously crazy.
  10. To understand you’re a lesbian, you must have sex with a female – Do individuals have to have sex before they understand who is sexually attracted to them? Of course, not, they have been this emotion for a long time before their first sexual experience, and lesbians are no different.

Conclusion – It is quite normal for us to have some misconceptions about the lesbian or gay community. That is why we give birth to these myths but Let me tell you homosexuals are not that different from us.

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