A Step By Step Guide To Play Fantasy Cricket League Online

For every cricket fan who enjoys playing online games, the gaming world seems to have completely changed because of fantasy cricket. You have to pick your squad before a live match begins and you will earn points based on how your selected players perform in that game.

If you are new to this game or want to know more about it to win big, here is a reference guide for you that will make things easier: –

  • This game is all about creating and owning your cricket team. You have the liberty of picking your players whom you expect to perform well in that game and you will be rewarded points based on their performance. Besides the cash reward, you can even win different gifts making the game even more interesting for you.
  • It is not only a source of entertainment, but it is a great way of earning money without doing much. For all cricket fans, it is easy as they have to put their cricket knowledge to some good use and they will start earning money.
  • The first step that you need to take before you start playing is to look for a good website that is trusted and quite popular in the market. Try asking your friends who are into this type of game or who are experts in it to be doubly sure before you finally decide which one is the best for you.
  • Once you find the ideal website, you need to register on it by filling up your basic personal details. You will even have to link your bank account or any other e-wallet to be able to add and withdraw money from the website whenever you want. Once this is done, you are ready to play fantasy cricket.
  • You must read the rules and instructions listed on the website properly before you start playing. This will ensure that you do not end up picking a team that is not according to the rules and lose points later. The rules will also include the breakup of points. This will help you in picking the best combination of players for your team to ensure that you can earn the maximum points and in-turn a huge amount of money.
  • Keep the timelines in your mind before you pick the team. This will ensure that you do not miss the closing window for any game and can pick your players before the match begins.
  • This is not a game of luck. You need to prepare your strategies and examine the things properly. It is important that you keep on learning and analysing the past games that you have played if you want to improve and earn more money. This will help you in getting better with team selection and increase the number of your winnings. You can get some fantasy cricket tips from the experts of the game to improve your strategy but do not blindly imitate anyone as you will not be able to learn anything from it.
  • Please do some research about the players, their recent performances, the results of the past matches in that ground, how that ground behaves, what is the highest total on that pitch, which player has been in good form in recent times and more. This will make your team selection better, and you will be able to pick the right players in your squad with better strategies.
  • If you do not have time to watch the entire match, make sure that you check the highlights. This will help you in getting an idea of what is going on and will also be beneficial in choosing the squad for the next match of that series.
  • It is a great way of staying connected to cricket as you now have one more reason to watch the match.
  • It even helps in building a healthy competition as you can invite your friends to play along. So, you can always compete with them to see who knows cricket better and who earns more points.

You are now aware of the basics of this game. Just keep the tips in mind and start playing.

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