Tips to make a head start in the career of photography

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Youmight have a digital camera; enjoying capturing some amazing clicks and thinksyou have all the qualities to become a photographer. But somewhere down theline you might be lacking in elementary skills .Securing admission to the top photography colleges in Delhi wouldbe the starting point. To become photography is possible, but if you want toscale new heights, then seeking admission to top photography colleges is alsoimportant. You can pretty much pick up the skills associated with digitalphotography

No substitute as far as your digital camera is concerned

a portfolio is looking to captures some amazing clicks you might need a digital theme to include is not less than 5 This depends. It does become easy to process you have and a print out of decent size is assured. This is a resolution that as feedback so that the photos are accepted in micro stock if you are planning to sell photos via the online domain.

Once you have a portfolio experience you will have an idea about the type of photos you need totake. So it calls to make an investment to a higher end camera along with alens

Clickas many pictures as you can

In an initial phase you might want to capture as many photos as possible. By doing so you will learn the art of mastering your camera. You are going to experience different kind of settings like light, positions etc.

In the midst of this, you need to incorporate a selection of photos to build a portfolio. This you can show to your prospective customers. The popular themes include wedding, baby, portraits, and landscapes to name a few. In case if you have been invited for a wedding photography you can capture images and then askfeedback from the stakeholders.


This depends on you along with the market trend. If you are capturing images and selling them online then you may not want specialization. But the only a portfolio need to be aware themes include is that you need to capture photos that sell online.

On the other side of the coin, if a specific field excites you and the market is not saturated you would want to specialize in that theme. Do undertake a properresearch on the area and if there are opportunities it would be worthy toconsider them.

Explorethe opportunity of freelancer jobs

A major chunk of photographers are employed. Not only they are well versed in the is the art of photography but possess skills from the marketing point of view. You can opt to work as a freelancer and this is a great way to kick-start your career. You can work as an assistant to a main photographer and assist him. Though there muneration would be on the lesser side but it would help you to pick up the tricks of the trade. This would come to your rescue when you climb up the ladder and work on your own.

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