Winter Accessories And Muffler For Men

Winters are on its way, and it’s time to bring your winter clothing and gear up to the rock. Winters give you a variety of options to choose from for everyday clothing. From jackets to sweaters, and hoodies and pullovers, from boots to shoes and cute little socks the list is insanely long. But what captures most attention is the winter accessories. Of course, the basic accessories that you wear all year long are also an option, but besides them, there are some special accessories for winters to wear on your casual/formal/party outfits as the icing on the cake. Some of them are scarfs, mufflers, wraps, stoles, caps, etc. Besides making you look good, these accessories also serve the purpose to keep you warm in the chilly winters. Scarfs and mufflers keep the neck warm, wraps and stoles help to keep your upper body warm, and cap warms your head and ears.

What is the difference between scarfs and mufflers?

Both A scarf and a muffler is a generally woven long piece of warm fabric worn around the neck, covering the ears as well to keep your neck and ears warm. Scarfs are generally worn by women and are wider than mufflers. Mufflers are comparatively narrower than scarfs and are worn more by men than by women.

Some trends in mufflers

Mufflers are being worn since ages; it was a trend even when your grandfather was a kid, his father has worn mufflers, he has worn mufflers, your father has worn them too. Over the years, the styling pattern may have changed, but the trend of wearing mufflers have never gone out of style.Here are some trendy designs of the muffler for men:

  • Black and white checks – Checks never go out of fashion, and black and white go with everything so black and white checks is an evergreen design of muffler for men to style their outfit for an everyday casual look.
  • Strips – Be it vertical or horizontal, strips can be seen everywhere you go. Mufflers are no exception, and you would love adding these striped mufflers to your outfit.
  • Mufflers ties – This is something you could either go with a regular muffler or get a ready to wear tied up the muffler. What we call a muffler tie is a knot like that in a tie. You can style them with formal blazers as well as casual jackets. They go well with everything.
  • Neon – Trust me or not but neon mufflers are trendy as anything. It is a complete myth that neon is girly. Style your black jacket with a neon orange muffler, and you’re ready to be a girl magnet. All neon are equally trendy, be it pink, green, orange or any other shade.
  • Grey and black – I bet you can’t find a person who doesn’t love grey and black. Be it plain, striped or any other design, black is something that never goes out of fashion.

These winters style yourself with these amazing trends of the muffler for men.

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