Contraction during Pregnancy and Different Ways To Count It


The periodic tightening and relaxing of your uterine muscles are known as labor constructions during pregnancy. Keeping track of the same is a contraction counter. In some cases, it triggers the pituitary gland which releases the hormone named oxytocin which simulates the uterine muscle tightening. This is the time when the doctors can tell about the moment of true labor. Labor contractions come in periods and this is the largest muscle in a woman’s body. These are often described as cramps, which come and go away in a wave-like manner.…

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Get Useful Advices from Pregnancy Forum


It’s hard to think, in our media-saturated world, that the idea of reading about pregnancy or parenting is relatively new. Sure, there are some fascinating old parenting guides, but for most of human history one would just ask her family or local community how to deal with her baby. And then for another few decades all parents had to do was consult the manual of choice, be it their doctor or, more recently, Google search.  Pregnancy Forums Now we have pregnancy forums. Maybe anyone have a better reason than other for hanging…

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