The Dominancy of Mobile Phones & High-Speed Internet in Our Lives

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In my personal opinion, mobile phones are the key aspect of our daily life. The mobile is getting smarter day by day. When the mobile was invented in 1973, no one would have thought that this little handy device would have this much impact on our lives. We can make calls, both video, and audio, we can pay our bills, we can use mobile phones for the internet, it is basically our biggest helping hand in today’s age.

it is basically our biggest helping hand in today’s age.

Early Mobile Phones

The first mobile phone was invented in April 1973. Motorola got the credit for the invention. In their early stages, mobiles were not so smart and sophisticated as we know them today. They were giant and pretty much similar to bricks. The first phone had 30 minute talk time and took 10 hours to charge. It weighed more than 1 kilo. In 1983, Motorola released its first mobile phone for the customers.

The invention of Smart Phones

The term “smartphone” was coined in 1995. But the credit for the first ever smartphone goes to IBM for making a smartphone in 1992. It was called Simon Personal Communicator. Smartphones became popular when Apple introduced them in 2007. It was a handy device and you could do a lot with it. It was, basically, a computer in your hand.

Mobile Phones & Internet

Nowadays, mobiles and the internet are like they are made for each other. It is the internet that has made phones a lot smarter. High-speed internet has made mobile phones globally popular. The Internet has connected us with each other, and mobiles are responsible for most of it. They are unlimited applications that help users to get in touch with their friends and family. You can make your payments through mobile, meetings are held over the phones. All of this is possible with the perfect combo of mobile and internet.

Advantages of Mobile Phones

  • Communication

The biggest advantage of mobile phones is communication. It has brought the world closer. Today’s mobiles are handy and have much more talk time as compared to the previous versions. They are much application that you can use to talk to your friends, family, and coworkers. You can make both audio and video calls. There is a lot of variations in messaging as well. You can even send voice notes if you do not like typing.

  • Entertainment

Entertainment has never been easier as mobile phones have made it for us. It is basically a cinema in our hands. We can watch our favorite movies, we can stream our favorite TV shows. There are many music applications that provide a wide range of music. You can either download or stream. YouTube and Netflix have a large number of viewership and are the biggest streaming services out there.

  • Handy & Fitting

Mobiles are not only getting smarter but also handy and lightweight. You can put them in your pockets and bags. Early mobile has weighted more than a kilo. Today’s mobile production companies are making them lightweight for the convenience of their customers. Today’s mobiles have longer talk time and excellent battery timing. You can charge them even in your cars.

  • Safety

Safety has always been the biggest concern of human beings. Mobiles accompany you everywhere you go. If you do not know the directions, mobiles have maps in them. They can guide you to your destination through the minimum traffic route. If you are having a bad day and you are lost, the GPS in your phones can help the authorities to find your location.

  • Contacts & Address Book

This is the virtual ledger of your contacts and addresses. You can save the number with a person’s names. You can even attach a photograph with the contact. The cloud computing synchronization helps you get your contacts back in case you lost your mobile or decided to upgrade them with a new model.

  • A bank in your hand

Your mobile is your bank as well. If you need to pay someone you can do it with your mobile. You can pay your bills with your mobile and avoid any inconvenience. It is a more secure and safe way of funds transfer. With high speed internet services, you can transfer money in seconds and you will get the confirmation text afterward.

  • Browsing and Socializing

Browsing and socializing and become the most popular activity of today’s generation. If you have some free time you can open Facebook on your phone and can see what your friends are up to.

If you want some information you can use google for that. When you are on google and you see some unwanted ads on the site that can be quite irritating, to be honest, they are called Variancetv. There are a number of ways you can avoid these unwanted ads. You can turn off the notifications in google chrome.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  • Money Loss

It is one of the major concerns for many of us. There are many mobile production companies that are creating new models almost every day. The latest phones can cost you a lot of money.

  • Distraction and Interruption

No one can deny the benefits of mobile phones, but we have to admit that they are also the biggest source of distraction. Some of us check our phones every five minutes. Mobiles have created this urge to check Facebook and other social media while working.

It has also created the interruption in our daily life. The notifications and text message alters can be really annoying for some of us.

  • Health Problems

High-speed internet and mobile have been one of the biggest reasons for our health issues. Many of us have become sleep deprived. We have become addicted to mobiles. We are having sleep lose and even depression-related problems.

Final Verdict

As the old saying goes “excess of everything is bad”. If we use the mobile on the limits, it can be really useful for us. We can do a lot that seems really difficult in the past. But on the other side, it has made it addicted with our over dependency on it. IRG Digital is providing High-Speed internet services at reasonable prices. You can get interesting bundles at limited prices.

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