How To Get Quality Sleep On Hot Summer Nights?

Is there any bed cooling system that can help in getting decent quality and quantity of sleep when it’s too hot to sleep? Some sort of electric cooling blanket or an under blanket fan or anything that can solve the problem of night sweats will be of great help. News channels are telling about ‘record high temperature’. You seriously need some nighttime cool-down strategies. We have tips to cool you and your bed down on a warm night.

Do You Have Air Conditioning?

Turn on your AC a few hours before getting into the bed. It will prepare your bedroom and your body for bedtime.      

People often tend to turn the AC up a few degrees. However, you should turn it down. There should be an ideal temperature in the room for sleeping. According to the National Sleep Foundation, the room temperature should be 65-degrees. Don’t keep it to the mid/high 70s. Turn it down. You will notice an improvement in your sleep.

You can also take advantage of the “sleep mode”.

Your AC will increase your energy bills. And, it will also release chlorofluorocarbon which is not good for the environment. However, you will get extra sleep.

You simply need to set the AC at a specific temperature. Depending on the settings, the temperature will be increased to the maximum allowable temperature. It might also turn itself off after a few hours.  

In case you don’t have an AC

Try to keep your house as cool as possible during the day. Open all windows during morning and evening and let the air flow through your house. Keep the hot summer sun out during the afternoon by closing all the windows and pulling down the blinds.

You can also spray cold water on a sheet and hang that sheet in front of a window. Putting a bowl of ice in front of an oscillating fan or a box fan can also help. Cool your body down if it is difficult to cool your house down. You can take a cold shower before getting into the bed.

Clothing and bedding

Start using 100% cotton sheets. These sheets can absorb sweat. Wash your cotton bed sheet at least once a week. Wear light and loose cotton pajamas. A climate control system can be of great help. We can call it an under blanket fan as it pumps cool air under your blanket.

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