Little Known Ways to Master the Router Setup


This article mainly introduces the Netgear router setup, the correct installation (connection),Internet settings, wireless Wi-Fi setting method; set up for a new purchase(after resetting the factory settings), and steps to achieve Internet connection to get access to the Internet.

The setup method as a whole is divided into three sections:

  • Set the computer IP address.
  • Connect the NETGEAR router – Netgear Router Installation.
  • Set the NETGEAR to access the Internet.

Setting up the computer IP address

Before setting up the NETGEAR router, you need to set the IP address in the local connection (Ethernet) of the computer to be automatically obtained (dynamic IP).

  • Locate “My Network Places” and right click on it, further tap on “Properties.”
  • Go inside the Properties section, you have to tap on the LAN, Local Area Connection.
  • Double-click “Internet Protocol(TCP/IP)”
  • Finally, here you have to choose “Automatically obtain IP address” and “Automatically obtain DNS server address”,and save the settings by tapping “Ok”.

Connecting the Router:

The second step is to connect the NETGEAR router.

For Telephone line access: Users need to prepare 2 network cables. One network cable is used to connect the ADSL Modem (wide band cat) to the WAN interface of the NETGEAR router; the other network cable is used to connect theLAN interface between the computer and the router

For Fiber-optic Internet access: Users need to prepare 2 network cables, one of which is used to connect the WAN interface between the optical cat and the NETGEAR router, and the other network cable is used to connect the LAN interface between the computer and the router. Ports -1/2/3/4 any one of them can be used.

For Network cable access to the home: The user needs to prepare one network cable.First, plug the network cable provided by the broadband operator into the WAN interface of the NETGEAR router, and then connect the prepared network cable tothe computer and connect the router to the LAN. Interface (any of 1/2/3/4 is available).

After connecting the wireless router according to the method provided, if the computer is still unable to access the Internet for the time being; we must be able to access the Internet after we are done with the setup of the router.

However, there are many new users on the Internet who often ask questions like-
After I connect to the wireless router;the computer can’t access the Internet. How do I set up the router?

The answer is simple: When you need to set up a wireless router, you don’t needa computer to access the Internet. You just need to connect to the wireless router according to this method. Open your web page and your computer will enter the router. Set the interface, and then you start to set up the router to the network. That’s it

The problem that needs attention is to use the network cable between the ADSL cat and the router and the computer to ensure that it can be used normally. If there is a problem with your network cable, it will cause a problem such as unable to get access to Netgear router default IP, or you can’t access the Internet even after you set up your wireless router.

Set theNETGEAR to access the Internet.

Once connected, follow the below steps to configure your router to the Internet:

  •  After the router is connected, the router is powered on and starts to set up the router.
  • Start the computer’s Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox orother browsers such as Netscape Navigator, Safari type in the address bar of the browser and press “Enter”.

Tip: To set up the router for the first time, you must precisely follow the above-given steps without any flaws.

After managing the login, you only need to enter or the not working, and therouter will ask for the username and password. If you enter IE browser:,but IE does not reflect or cannot open the webpage, and even not working then:

  • Check the connection properties in IE browser, close the proxy service: in the menu above IE select ‘ Tools ‘ -> ‘ Internet Options (Option) ‘-> ‘ Connect ‘ -> ‘ LAN Settings (L)’

Even if, the problem persists, then the most likely reason is that the IP address conflicts with the IP address of your router and the ADSL Modem. For resolving this, the only option that you have is contacting the Netgear Router support.

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