Why Should You Choose Unity For Your Next Game Development

Unity Game Development

Mobile games since the very beginning is a popular form of entertainment for every mobile users. However, with the passage of time mobile phones have graduated into smartphones. This has resulted in making the mobile games even more exciting with interactive and engaging features. But have you ever wondered how such games are created? There are innumerable resources, tools, engines and frameworks which contribute towards creating diverse games belonging to multiple genres. Among the widely used game development engines, Unity is probably the most preferred one among the developers all over the world.

Unity 3D game development is considered as a popular approach by majority of the companies working with Unity.The huge demand of Unity based games has resulted in increasing its acceptability. Unity 3D can actually serve you as an outstanding gaming platform where developers can enrich games with amazing gameplay options and mind blowing features.

An established Unity game development company can guide you more on the following advantageous features offered by this engine.

Both free and paid versions: Unity 3D comes with both free and paid versions. Developers can opt for the free version which can be used for creating games with prime features. However to make games competitive and unique with high end features like 3D composition booster, sound channel, feature playback etc the paid version is suggested. Last but not the least Unity enables in making full version games with attractive look and feel to engage gamers both serious and casual.

Multi platform support: Unity 3D is compatible with all major platforms such as Android, iOS, PCs, Mac, Steam and even consoles. Using game development and designing is smooth and convenient. Compared to other engines, Unity enables in porting games to the next level with less complications. Also incorporating interesting elements into the games is easy to make it more exciting than before.

Supportive community: Game development is indeed a challenging task and developers definitely need support when they get stuck with any issues. With more than 2 million designers working with Unity the process of resolving issues are dealt with ease and efficiency. If the developers get stuck up anywhere they can easily share their doubts with the expert community members who are always ready to provide suitable solutions. Apart from this you can also look for proficient testers and designers from this platform.

Asset Store: This is another vital component of Unity which enables developers to avail appropriate resources for developing stunning backdrops, buildings, characters etc. It facilitates in making games enriched with attractive elements so that the gamers feel motivated in exploring their dream games till the last.

Equally suitable for 2D games: Although Unity 3D is majorly used to bring out the liveliness of 3D games but then it is equally preferred for 2D games as well. Unity 4.3, an implicit 2D motor helps in creating impeccable 2D games. Using Unity, the developers can implement the physical science of a 2D world, do a lot of sprite activity and lots more.

Online tutorials: This is one of the best things about Unity where developers who are keen to pick up new skills can do so through the training videos and tutorials available. One can easily get solutions for simple queries by watching the videos. Thus it helps the developers to improve their proficiency in enriching games with the desired contents.

Unity conference: Unite is an event of Unity which is held annually. It is a platform where developers from all over the world get engaged in a constructive discussion regarding new developments in the realm of Unity. This makes this platform all the more popular as it is constantly updated to deal with the probable challenges that the game development industry may experience in the near future.

The above mentioned reasons make it clear why you need to hire Unity developer for your game development business.

Conclusion: Because of its variety of advantages, Unity is highly preferred by both beginners and experts in this regard. To beat the complexities of game development Unity comes with lots of user friendly and supportive features which can help in making exclusive yet enthralling contents for the targeted gaming enthusiasts.

Author Bio: Mr. Arup Roy is the head of Red Apple Technologies, a popular Unity game development company with a global presence. Being the owner he is always keen to know the trending patterns of today’s game development. He is also a blogger and writes lots of articles on Unity which has been successful in the making of able Unity developers across the globe.

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