Vidmate Applications – Frequently Asked Questions and Errors explained

Vidmate Applications

Vidmate is one of the most popular video applications that help in downloading videos online. The application can be downloaded and installed in smartphones, personal computers, and laptops that run on a Windows Operating System. Like other apps, vidmate is also adding its new and exciting features once in a while which has to be updated for the better performance. Vidmate online is a must have an application on your mobile phone and if you have any problems you can get cleared in this article easily. Issues like facing trouble while downloading, errors and other Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are compiled below.

FAQs and errors of Vidmate online explained

  1. How to download Vidmate app on a mobile phone?

The vidmate online application can be downloaded from its official website as an APK file. If a server link does not work, try downloading from different server links. Allow third-party apps installed on your device to download without any issues.

  • How to download Vidmate app in PC and laptops?

Direct installation facility of Vidmate on a system is unavailable. However, there are virtual environments on the internet from which you can easily download the vidmate application for your laptop and PCs. After downloading, you can run and install the vidmate application.

  • How to find the video I need using Vidmate application?

It has an inbuilt search option where you can type and search the video you need. It shows the results of similar text from which you can select the video of your choice.

  • Will I be able to delete the videos I downloaded using Vidmate app?

Navigate to the ‘Downloads’ in the application and select ‘Edit’. Now check the videos you need to delete and choose ‘Delete’.

  • Where I can view my downloaded videos in the app?

When you are on the home page of the Vidmate application, find ‘Download list’ where you can find the downloaded videos.

  • Will I be able to browse videos of host websites directly within the Vidmate app?

Yes, you can browse videos by copy-paste the URL in the search box of the website. The vidmate online app will allow you to browse the website itself.

  • Can I delete and maintain my browsing history?

Yes, the browsing history can be checked, maintained and can be deleted by simply clicking on the search box. Once clicked, the entries you searched will be shown and can be deleted easily.

  • What to do if the vidmate online application shows “No external memory card in your device”?

The Vidmate online application will download the videos usually in your external memory card. If you have two memory location, then it can be chosen when a notification pops up to choose the card.

  • How to turn on ‘Auto Resume’ to download my interrupted downloads?

You can select the ‘Auto resume’ option in settings and is usually selected by default. If it is turned off, you can turn on easily. The Vidmate online application is very easy and simple to use. It has various versions available for download.

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