Why should I choose a cloud over a dedicated server?

Every site owners would like to host their website on a reliable hosting solution that can be done by comparing the feature and reviews over the various host service provider. However, the real problem would be picking the perfect hosting type for your site to ensure its best performance and good functionality.

In most cases, enterprise-level businesses prefer dedicated server or cloud hosting for their website. Well, both types of hosting have their pros and cons. In the recent past, the growth of cloud computing and its technology were tremendous among the business people because of its potential benefits. However, the grown concern over cloud security starts to influence its growth among the enterprise-level business. Still, the cloud is the better choice for running a website.

Here in this article, we are going to discuss the vital reasons why you should consider cloud over a dedicated server.

Cloud and Dedicated Server Eco-Systems

The cloud ecosystem is purely linking several physical servers around the world in a single network to host a site. Owing to the multiple servers connected, multiple server resources can be shared in the single network and the hosted sites can enjoy utilizing maximum server resources through sharing.

Unlike the virtual technology in the Cloud, the eco-system of a dedicated server purely depends upon the single physical server. The entire physical server will be used to host a single site under the dedicated server hosting type. Owing to that, a hosted site can enjoy seamless resources from the server.  

Similarities of Cloud and Dedicated Server

Though Cloud and Dedicated server hosting concept may differ, still they perform necessary actions and provides needed hosting solution in the below-listed areas.

  • Data Storage
  • Data Transmission
  • Able to handle a large amount of traffic
  • Offers Industry Standard Response time
  • Offers Stable hosting solution

Difference Between Cloud And Dedicated Servers


When it comes to performance, none other hosting would match with the dedicated server. The server resources are fully dedicated to the single site. Meanwhile, in the cloud, a chance of getting a significant risk of throttling bandwidth is high because of multiple sites sharing the same physical network.

2. Scalability

When it comes to scalability, cloud server possesses the easy expandable or contractible features. Although scalability can be done at a dedicated server, it is not possible to be carried without downtime. However, in the case of Cloud, there will not be any downtime during the expansion.

3. Migration

Both the dedicated servers and the cloud servers offer a seamless migration features for their host sites. Well-Trained webmasters can do the migration process in both servers at ease with proper planning and proper backing of the old server.

4. Server Management

Well, when it comes to server management, server administration, and server operations, and dedicated servers requires a high amount of dedications when compared with the cloud servers. Cloud servers can be easily accessible by the administrator when compared with the accessibility of a dedicated server.

Accessing a dedicated server requires proper planning and it needs to be done accurately. However, in a cloud platform, administers needs to plan for server accessing within the potential limitations.

5. Cost

Cost of getting a cloud server would be far low when compared with the cost of renting a dedicated server to host a site. However, if a company prefers to scale up the server resources than the advantage of cost-effectiveness would vanish. A Dedicated server offers a high amount of server resources and easy scalability at a minimum cost.

Bottom Line

As final words, considering the hosting types upon the single metrics like security features will not be an ideal solution. Instead, proper analysis of the hosting factors that are required by your site before selecting the hosting types would give you the best result. Having a small business site without any sensible data information, then I strongly prefer cloud than the dedicated server.

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