Belize, the True Paradise of Central America


Located on the eastern coast of Central America and bordered by Mexico, the Caribbean Sea and Guatemala, Belize is a true treasure. Even though English is the official language in Belize, it is still rich in many cultures and languages that reflect its history. All that is to say that Belize is the True Paradise of Central American in many ways. Rent a villa for holiday in Belize to find out more of why it is such a Paradise.

A Paradise for History Lovers

Since Belize is the historical heartland of the Mayan Civilization, it contains the earliest and also the most important Mayan ruins. History lovers would love to explore the archaeological reserves that are found in the south of the country that show that it was a center of Mayan political struggles. As a history lover, you can explore these different Mayan monuments, study them, and take pictures with them so that you can talk about it to your history lover friends when you get home. Here are some archaeological reserves you can visit: Altun Ha, Cuello, Ka’Kabish, Tipu, Xunantunich, etc.

A Paradise for Daring Explorers

Along with the archaeological reserves, Belize is also home to the largest cave system in Central America. On your visit, you can explore hundreds of cave systems. In the past, these caves were used by the Mayans for spiritual rituals like sacrificing to their gods and were considered as the home of their gods.

If you are a daring explorer and would like to visit these caves, you are most welcome to. These caves are astonishing, let alone, majestic. The Black Hole is one of the caves that you can explore to prove just how gutsy you are. This is for the adventurers who seek a real thrill. Once you get 300 feet deep, you will see a rainforest and you can climb ladders and climb some rocks to see some of the most awesome cave views.

Another cave called Barton Creek Cave is one that can be explored with a canoe. There you will find cultural wonders that you have never come across in your life. The whole cave has water ways where your canoe can safely glide. The canoe will take you along some chambers that resemble cathedrals and you will see the most unusual but beautiful cave you have ever seen.

In some of the other caves you can explore, like the ActunTunichilMunkal or the ChemChem Ha Cave, you will be able to find beautiful Mayan artifacts that are preserved there. The walls are decorated with extravagant Mayan art and motifs. Also, in other caves, you will find ceramics and altars, and ladders that you can climb up. Just make sure to bring your flashlight!

A Paradise for Those Who Love Nature

544 species of birds live in Belize, flying across the beautiful waterfalls and other natural attractions, and keeping the birdwatchers busy. More than one thirds of Belize is a protected natural park or animal refuge. Despite it’s small area, Belize is still home to 4,000 different species of flowers, 700 species of trees and so many different animals such as crocodiles, jaguars and other mammals.

Nature lovers will be amazed at the big and beautiful feline predators that are found in Belize. The Belizean jaguar is a big cat that swims rivers and small lakes and usually found resting on a cliff or a log. They also love to explore the jungle at night. Jaguars don’t attack humans but are scary enough for humans to avoid getting too close to. They are a mysterious cat, but also majestic to see.

The natural parks of Belize are there for the enjoyment of the people, but also for aesthetic features and most of all, the protection of the flora and fauna that call it home. These natural parks have areas of recreation and tourism that nature loving visitors can explore.

A Paradise for the Fish at Heart

If you love the water, whether that is swimming, snorkeling, diving, you are a fish at heart. Belize has the second largest reef in the world called Belize Barrier Reef. In Belize, you can do everything that involves the water, such as go fishing, windsurfing, boating, scuba diving, etc. Prepare for your jaw to drop on your dive as you see sharks and a variety of color fish swimming by, like you are living a scene of ‘Finding Nemo.’ If you look long enough, you will also be able to see Manatees, which are sea mammals that are vegetarian. Along with that, you will be able to swim with bottlenose and spinner dolphins that are pristinely silver, very intelligent and are very skill-full divers.

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