Check Out the Best Honeymoon Destinations in India

Honeymoon Destinations in India

Understand going for a honeymoon destination is not just a vacation trip; it is the perfect way to spend much of your valuable time with your loved ones to celebrate the new relationship. Looking for the best country to enjoy your honeymoon trip? If so, then undoubtedly India is a perfect choice. It is because; there are so many unique places to visit in India. If you are planning to spend some days with your loved ones in the supernatural land of India, then go through the article and get to know the best honeymoon destinations in India. Just scroll down your eyes!

Top honeymoon destinations in India:

Planning for the honeymoon trip but confused about where to go, right? If so, then take a quick glance at the upcoming paragraph, and then your search will get over here.


Undoubtedly, Goa is one of the magic beach lands in India. The state is highly famous for its hippy culture and majestic beaches and is considered the most incredible destinations for the newly married couples to celebrate their honeymoon in a great way. And also, there are numerous places to visit like a wildlife sanctuary, beautiful restaurants, warm weather and many more. Just imagine! How romantic it could be spending time on exotic beaches?


Surprisingly, Srinagar is the most beautiful and romantic place for honeymoon couples. Just think of yourself! How exciting it could be just lying with your loved ones on the Dal Lake? It is so romantic and mesmerizing. There are so many places to visit in Srinagar such as charming Houseboats rides, lakes, shopping and many more. Don’t miss to visit this fine-looking place!


Without a doubt, Agra is the perfect place for the newlyweds to enjoy their days. Since Agra has the symbol of love “Taj Mahal” and sure this is the best place to show your eternal love to your better half. Undeniably, Agra is one of the most romantic places to visit like ancient forts, luxury resorts and many more.


Amongst other places, Manali is the perfect destination to the newlyweds since has numerous tourists adventures. For newly married couples, Manali has an abundant place to enjoy like lofty mountains views, rich culture and heritage, hiking, trekking, temples and many more. During the winter period of time, the snowfall occurs and makes it the best honeymoon destinations in India.


Due to its favorable climatic conditions, Kodaikanal has become the most visited honeymoon destinations by the newly married couples. The destination is full of beautiful scenic views, luxury resorts, romantic hideouts, lake, waterfall and many more. Those who wish to spend the special time with your better half, and then undoubtedly Kodaikanal will charm your feelings to the core.


Alleppey is one of the coastal towns and there are so many places to visit like beaches, houseboat, waterfalls and many more. For the honeymoon couples, the houseboat rides are waiting to give a unique experience. As a whole, it is the best place to stay and enjoy the nature with your better half. 

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