A visa is an authority granted by the government under the territory to a foreigner, which allows the foreigner to enter, or to remain in that particular territory. Visa includes the limitation of that person to remain or stay in that country. It bounds the time and after that, the foreigner has to leave that country. This policy is applied by the government of that particular country.  Visa includes the date and the reason for the person to live in that particular country. In today’s world if a person wants to go to a particular country, then he /she must have to apply for a visa to travel to another country. Applying for a visa requires the health checks of the individual and there are many other things included in it.


A person who applies for the visa must have to be clear about the purpose of the visit like for what he/she wants to go to in that country. This is the process which is ensured by the government so this ensures low risk .it is very convenient to apply for the visa online from various trusted sites. You can also go through various links to understand the details of the visa applications.

In this, we have to fill the form on the trusted website and affix the photograph of the applicant and then attach all the documents as per the checklists. In case if the application is incomplete then it may not be accepted by the portal. And then the applicant can submit the application form in VFS Malaysia visa centers in Bangalore, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Pune, along with the application fees in cash or demand drafts as applicable. After this process, the applicant can collect the visa from the VFS center with the help of tracking the application online. The applicant can track the application by the reference number and the date of birth.


In India, people who want to apply for a visa for Malaysia can apply from the embassy of Malaysia in India. Visa can be applied online through various trusted websites through e-visa. The earliest time that an Indian candidate can take his or her visa is 3 days after the submission of the documents. These sites ensure the on-time delivery of visas. Malaysia’s government charges $45 dollars for each visa application for all the eligible candidates. These visas can be provided after checking the health status of the person so that to cure afterward problems. Visas can be available for various purposes that are to meet friends, relatives, short duration medical treatment or casual business visits. Before applying the visa for Malaysia, the candidate passport should have the validity of at least six months.

Malaysia e-visa is for the single person that allows the maximum stay of 30 days but Indian national can choose between the single and double entry. There are many commercial websites available through the government system by charging a specific fee.

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