10 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Bridging Visa C Subclass 030


The gap between two substantial visas one denoting the past and the other beckoning the future can be filled or bridged using a bridging permit. For the break period between the two significant permissions to be legally safe, one has to resort to the bridging visa to hold things together. Bridging visa c is one among the six permits offered by the Australian Government. It is to cushion the period needed to overcome the illegal stay status hemmed between two substantial visa stays.

An overview:

All six bridging visas are temporary. The permits are subclasses as necessitated by the differentials of the felt circumstances. So also subclass 030 is offered to those whose Australian stay is unlawful. This happens because a substantive visa protection cover is not there. Bridging Visa C holders can not apply to travel under visa B. This bridging c visa can be used free of cost.

10 Things of awareness:

Bridging visa 030 doesn’t provide working rights by default.

  • Conditions:

Visa guarantee 8101 states that the applicant can’t do salaried work. But visitor visa holders can do unpaid work with permission. This is a value add to the credited university study outside Australia. An applicant can observe the industry work

  • Change of conditions:

This condition can be changed with the application for a new visitor visa. To obtain this visa under tourist stream permission is needed. Letter pertaining to the changed situation must be submitted along with documentation of support while lodging the visa application.

The new situation may entitle one to get this visa if-

  • Financial hardship is indicated.

  • The applicant or the family member needs the Government’s help

  • Any compelling personal need arise to work and earn

  • Any situation not under the applicant’s control wherein the applicant or family member is unable to return home

  • Working is the only chance to survive the Australian stay

  • No restriction areas:

However this doesn’t bar one from – i) doing voluntary work ii) taking up home country online work job iii) taking care of family member or any other short term domestic work as long as it comes under the unsalaried class

  • Other conditions:

As per the visa guarantee 8303, there should not be any involvement that would cause harm to society at large. And 8501expects maintenance of Health insurance enough to cover the entire stay in Australia.

  • .Length of stay:

Information regarding this can be had from VEVO. It is like an information bank with details about –

  • Visa to be chosen

  • Date of visa expiry

  • Entry closure date

  • Length of stay and

  • Applicable conditions

  • Visa obligations:

One is expected to respect the rule of the land and abide by the laws and regulations governing it. At no point of time, one should go against the applicable visa conditions.

  • Protection visa applicant:

Protection visa applicant will get a new visa if applied for a BVC for judicial review. This new visa will allow the applicant to work in case the previous BVC allowed the applicant to do so.

  • SkillSelect visa applicant:

At first one cannot work as SkillSelect visa applicant, and the grant of BVC is for the reason of judicial review. But this situation can be changed if one more BVC application is lodged with the proof of financial hardship.

If one is neither a Protection nor a SkillSelect applicant, the new BVC grant will not permit the applicant to work. This is the case, even if the previous BVC has granted work permits.

  • Travel planning:

Departure from Australia when BVC is active is not desirable. If one chooses to do so, returning to Australia is not permitted. VEVO information can be sought to know whether the BVC grant is active.

  • Informing the changes:

It is rightly expected that the applicant duly gives prior information regarding – i) any change in personal details like phone number ii) change/s in passport iii) change of address iv) childbirth and v) intention to application withdrawal

It is essential to know about the mode of informing the changes.

  • Having the proof of visa grant:

It is prudent to have the evidence of BVC visa grant

To prove you have a visa and show your conditions to someone, use VEVO.


Finally, one must understand that intended applicants cannot apply for this visa while they are outside Australia. Further working under BVC is possible only when anyone of the following visas supports it –

  • business visa subclasses 132, 188 (provisional) 888 (permanent)

  • three pathways of skilled visa subclasses 189 (independent), 190 (nominated) 489 regional provisional visa

  • Subclass 186 of Employer Nomination Scheme visa

  • Subclass 187 of Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa

You should always consult a Migration Agent Adelaide if you want your visa journey hassle-free.

Proof of Australian visits can be obtained on request from the records of international movements.

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