Self Defence Tips For The Female Solo Travelers

This is the wrong presumption that women can’t travel alone as a traveler, they do. Thousands of women are so confident and independent to travel solo. Traveling alone gives a good chance to their lives, empower them along with so many delightful experiences in life. If you are traveling alone somewhere, and not accompanying with your family and friends, Plan a trip and set out to discover the world. Here are some tips to cater while moving to the place you are not very known to.

Research the Destination Before Booking

Know about the destination you are going to discover next, it is important. The most vital to know the area, its traditions, culture, population, and behaviors of the locals when tourists get to them. I could be able to find all this on the internet when I went to Morocco on my Easter vacations. Checking the details of everything helped me a lot in spending my valuable time there. The thing I can recall, I was able to tackle with the scammers and followers in the streets very well.

Learn Expressions and the Most Basics of the Local Language

I learned some common words of Arabic when in Morocco. For example, words of compliments like Thanks, Wishes like Good Morning and Good Evening like locals. It helped me communicate better and made space among the residents of the place.

Going market and buying something will also need some local communication skills to bargain and not let the other person dominate you. Unable to communicate can lead to some odd situation or in trouble, you can’t ask for the help either, if not able to speak or express for it. Locals appreciate you and are more courteous if you are seeking their language.

Be Confident and Enjoy

On a strange destination, anyone can lose confidence if he/she won’t feel comfortable there. This has to be identified and tackled. I was all alone traveling around the country I was not known to. The behavior of locals in Essaouira somehow troubled me but I could be able to handle the situation. Safety Advice for Solo women can control the situation if she knows how to do that.

To you, the very first thing is to be confident. Some People see you alone and take the opportunity to harass if you are not so confident. So fake them as you are confident if personally you even don’t feel like. Adding further, don’t lose your temperament in all the trip. You are here to enjoy the trip not to be worried all the time. Relax!

Be Like a Common

While researching the area in the very first step, you will also find what the people wear where you are going. Being women if you see that you are traveling to the conservative destination, you should follow the norms of that area. For example, don’t wear western clothes so they could see you looking like a common. I dressed Djellaba and the other traditional dresses being in Morocco, and believe me, everyone I met there was so welcoming then.

Keep Your Social Media Up to Date

Keeping your Social media active and updated about your journey is somehow good and safe. Your family and friends all maybe there scrolling your activities on facebook, twitter or on Instagram. That will make them sure about your safety, and make you more confident about your activities and people’s reactions to your pictures and posts. Social media is also a source of socialization with fellow travelers. You can post your memories into the many traveling groups for more appreciation.

Take Care of Your Thingo

You must be having your camera, mobile or tab with you along with the laptop you never miss. These things are important for you but also attract thieves. I once missed my mobile fone in Marrakech’s local restaurant. That caused a lot of trouble for me, fortunately, I could get my phone back but it doesn’t always happen. You are responsible for your luggage and by losing the expensive things, you will be facing so much difficulty. Take great care of your documents, Passport, Visa, ID card and most importantly, your cash.

You Are Here to Enjoy, Not to Be Scary All the Time

If you are a professional traveler, you might have a different perspective of traveling and I’m sure, that’s beautiful. For beginners, and more specifically the women travelers could have many issues and complications to fight with before leaving their home. For those newbies!! folks, get up, don’t let your fear to control you. The world is waiting for you to be discovered. Only the fear is not which exist in this world. With many of the bad people, there are good people too in a good number. You have to be confident about your identity as a woman, gather all the strengths, and make a beautiful tour of the world around.

Believe me!! You will feel more confident, and independent just after the accomplishment of your very first adventure alone, you will start to live your life differently.

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