Triund – Trekking and Camping Amidst the Land of Snows

Trekking and Camping Amidst

If trekking is on your mind and also you want to trek as well as enjoy as a picnic, then Triund, Himachal Pradesh is your destination to enjoy. Triund is the best place for trekking and picnic spot. A right place for those who want to trek for a day. This place is the crown jewel of Dharamsala, Himachal Pradesh located in the Dhauladhar mountain range. Truind offers a good panoramic view of the Kangra valley on one side and Dhauladhar mountains on the other side. You will see different views at different time throughout the day, Sunrise, Sunset, moon-rise all present a different view of the place. So if you’re a nature lover, you are most welcome. You will regret for a long time if you forget to bring cameras while you visit this place. Once you reach the trek destination, the clouds descend down to give you company and the view is stunning!!!!

The Triund trek can be easily accomplished by all age groups, therefore lots of tourists from all over India and abroad every year visits this destination. This trek is the most popular activity in Mcleodganj and you will not definitely regret it. The Triund trek will not take more than four to five hours. For unseasoned trekkers, it’s quite easy to do it within 4 hours. The duration may vary based on the starting point of the trek. The best thing about Triund trek is it can be easily accomplished by solo due to its well-defined route. For those who crave even more to adventure, the destination trek doesn’t end at Triund. They can even further explore till snow line or the Kaveri Lake to see the beautiful caves.

Triund Trek

This trek doesn’t disappoint the experienced trekkers. They can enjoy the splendid views of the green grassy alpine meadows where they can also see the excellent views of the mountain ranges along every bend of the trail.As you continue to trek; you will come across the most beautiful view of the dense forest and the mountain ranges. Trekking in Triund features the energetic and beautiful Tibetian culture and you will able to see the supplication banners, wheels, lamas, and the impressive cloisters.

Triund trek is also known for its night camping experience. The nights at Triund are so beautiful with star- studded night sky!!! You definitely won’t sleep seeing all lit up Kangra valley. The views will leave you astounded!!! Night camping at top of the Triund will be one of the most memorable camping experiences you will ever have. Once the temperature drops down to 3-4 degrees, you will able to see beautiful storm and thunder which gives you a deep sense of adventure. The Truind night sky will stay with you forever. Millions of stars in the sky are clearly visible for more than 6-hour will leave you long breathing experience. If you’re a photographic lover, this would be the perfect place to capture a starred sky. Triund trek would be one of the most beautiful and memorable trekking expeditions.

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